What we're about

Are you interested in intellectual topics? Are you a bit of a nerd? Then join us at Colin and Seth's Cerebral Emporium. The purpose of this club is to engage in freewheeling discussions on a variety of subjects. Subjects on the menu include (but are not limited to) the following:

• Music - favorites include Zappa, B-52's, Devo, The Cramps, psych and garage music from the 60s, industrial, new wave, Dead Kennedys, The Residents, experimental/avant garde music, etc.

• Comedy - Monty Python, The Kids in the Hall, Firesign Theater, Studio C, Rick and Morty, Simpsons, Carlin, standup

• Literature - science fiction, horror, Robert Anton Wilson, and similar stuff

• Parapsychology

• TV shows - Fringe, The X-Files, Person of Interest, and similar shows

• Weird Movies - Eraserhead and similar films

• Futurism and science- artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, transhumanism, life extension, physics, biology, chemistry, psychology, etc.

• Miscellaneous weirdness - psychedelic drug research, Church of the Subgenius, etc.

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Let's all meet for conversation

Howard County Library System, Miller Branch

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