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Are you a business owner, entrepreneur or a startup looking for collaboration opportunities to synergize your business?

This meetup group will identify new opportunities, referral partners, partnerships & collaborate to move forward

Leverage from the power of collaboration and collective knowledge to discover new opportunities, value add initiatives, referral partners, partnerships, tackle business challenges and grow or create new value propositions.

Share your vision, challenges, creativity, capabilities and collaborate to discover and achieve win-win outcomes.

The skills and know-how that you might need to bring new ideas or grow your business might be here and eager to collaborate with you.

If you are keen to explore synergies, ideas or if you want to get involved and help out conduct and manage these initiatives just reach out. How is this group different from the many other groups out there. Great question! I have a talent of bringing the right people together. I run a very active Social Networking Group which started less than 3 years ago and have hosted over 250 events with a membership that is close to 4,000 members. In this social group, strong friendships have been created, business partners have been created, engagements have occurred and marriages have happened. I can do the same for this group from a business growth perspective and maybe in the social perspective too :).

The plan is to have 2 meetings a month; the 2nd and 4th Monday of the month. These meeting will occur in the evening in various venues. At the start, it will be more networking opportunities such as happy hours. As time passes and the membership has developed, there will be workshops/speakers added to offer insight on different aspects of business; i.e. different online marketing strategies, direct marketing, organization skills, presentation skills, time management, etc. I look forward to a great year and our much Business Success in 2018.

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