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For any one that would like to learn about the emotions, feelings and social emotional intelligence behind societal challenges, innovation and knowledgeFor thinkers that would like to feel what they thinkFor leaders and entrepreneurs that would like to acquire knowledge by feeling and by developing their emotional intelligenceFor team that engage into social impactFor families, communities and people that would like to approach the change in the world by first connecting with their humans involved
Performing artists, educators, martial artists,
For sustainable development (SDG, Circularity), human capital, innovation professionals that wish to explore on the feelings and emotions side of their challenges.
For any one that would like to explore through arts the human footprint on the planet and learn through emotions and feelings, the necessary solutions.

• A circle of creative people which play arts together and produce intuitive spontaneous self-expression and artistic exploration of a topic of interest• We create and produce experiences for social communication and education on the human footprint, sustainable development, SDG, Circularity, Climate Change, Innovation, Technology 4.0• At our meet up sessions we will share on topics of interest and engage into improvisation and spontaneous creative production of artistic works or projects.

The exploration process will be facilitated by utilizing a Matrix-Q Method for collective exploration through performing arts and creativity into the emotional, feelings, side of a topic of interest

The ability to feel, triggers our thinking and creativity, engagement and participation in social challenges.
Social emotional intelligence is the ability of a collective to respond to challenges together, involving resilience, empathy, collective intelligence, communication and self-expression.
Along the last 300 years the human species footprint on the plant has create a savage damage. For 2030 the United Nations suggest a collective effort must be taken with focus on 17 global sustainable development goals. These goal and specific targets applied to the stage of development and quality of life of each location and human circle on the planet may translate into a variety of approaches and levels of solutions.
For example in western northern hemisphere the solutions needed in the fields of education or gender equality, production and innovation, energy or city sustainability will be different but still aligned to those or locations at emerging markets or i regions of extreme poverty.
At each location priorities must be set and knowledge, skills and technology, solutions and strategy, must be adjusted accordingly.
The artistic exploration will be developed from the perspective of the traditional bardo role of social communication and education through story telling, music, dancing, play (performing arts).
Artists in ancient civilizations and cultures had the function to collaborate with community awareness and communication, self-expression of issues and process of emotional collective solution making.
Ancient cultures methods for performing arts will be introduced to the ensemble, performing artist skills through training by the Matrix-Q Research Institute.
KNOWLEDGE Which knowledge will be utilized ? [ TECHNOLOGY, SCIENCE & ARTS ]
The artistic work will seek for balance between arts, technology and science.
The frame of knowledge will be provided by contributions of the attendees and of our sponsors the Matrix-Q Research Institute. http://www.matrix-q.com
As well the Matrix-Q Research Institute will provide training on "The Primordial Performing Arts" a proto form of art which has an holistic and systemic social communication capacity and would be helpful for the artist to explore on while producing their artistic work.

In-premises: Locations and venues may vary: Utrecht, Veenendaal, Amsterdam are some of the locations we may meet up. We may include any other location under request.
Out-doors: Open air meet ups in summer, at the natural reserve in Rhenen.
Online: The Matrix-Q Thinking Tank has a digital platform that runs online in parallel with the participation of international attendees

The achievements of the thinking tank will be published at the Multidisciplinary Research Magazine online Matrix-Q and in other publications online or printed, in collaboration with our partners.

Moderation [TEAM]
Moderation, artistic exploration Process, by members of the Matrix-Q Ecosystem, and by Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken ( Matrix-Q Research Institute, The Netherlands. http://www.matrix-q.com )
Results, Social Communication [ IMPACT ]
The results of one or more sessions dedicated to a particular topic may be shared to public and stakeholders in a variety of forms or will be stored in our 'exploration archive"

MEET UPS Meet Up Session Program
Along 120 min the following experience and process will be facilitated.
(5%) Part One:
Presentation on Topic, followed by a brief discussion with the purpose of inspiring creativity and self-reflection
(20%) Part Two:
Creative exploration through performing arts (Matrix-Q Primordial Arts Method, facilitated to the attendees)
(5%) Part Three:
Brief presentation: How artists of ancient cultures and civilizations (bards) solved issues for their communities through arts (Matrix-Q Primordial Arts Method)[Training] How can we apply this approach for solving our challenges today and in the future ?
(30%) Part Four:
Creative exploration (the next level) through performing arts.Contributions by all attendees.
[10%] Part Five
Session conclusions and questions for the collective to follow up at the online platform. Follow up online, until the next session. The attendees will suggest a new topic or the Matrix-Q Research Institute will suggest one.
[30%] Part Six
Network, and social

welcome@matrix-q.com Tel. : 0031.626673380
The Matrix-Q Primordial Arts Project is possible thanks to the sponsorship by the Matrix-Q Research Institute, Research and Education Division of the Non Profit Organization, Stichting Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken http://www.matrix-q.com

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