Kundalini Yoga + Meditation on the Beach

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Huntington City Beach Tower 3

· Huntington Beach, CA

How to find us

* There’s parking right in front of our circle. There’s also metered parking right on PCH if you prefer. Walk down the steps, towards the ocean, and you will find us next to Tower #3! * Contact me with any questions via Instagram: @collective_grace

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What do peaceful, grounded, successful people have in common? They understand the importance to release, receive and connect first thing in the morning. It is the most opportune time to achieve the relinquishment of the ego to unite with your soul.

Welcome to the ambrosial hours, the most powerful time of your day!

There are two and a half hours before the rise of the sun, where the rays of arriving light are infrared. This is known to the yogis and masters as “Amrit Vela” the “Ambrosial hours”. This is the time when early light -- an invisible light/energy -- carries vast quantities of information. The kind of information we are desperate to know, the guiding steps for our path.

When you bath in this infrared rays (only available to us during this morning window) this ignites intuition as they are attuned to the "theta" waves. The same frequency as your dreams, which in turn is the same vibration as your brain in deep meditation. They are all one. When you merge all three it unfolds the perfect formation for intuitive clarity.

All the masters have talked about it for centuries. That which we really want requires sacrifice, this time the choice to co-create our own path vs sleeping 1 more hour ;)

1. Rise up with me to stretch your body glove as it increases the physical grounding of the nerves. . . nerves are awareness.

2. A morning practice, lets your soul lead the way the rest of your day, letting your ego to take the back seat. Morning meditations allow the brain to observe the information without analytical chatter, find neutrality in all the commotions around you.

3. The vibration and your magnitude you build first thing in the morning before the world comes to you like a tsunami will give you the strength to stay committed to you, the container to radiate your true essence and the groundedness to hold life challenges with a well balanced nervous system and magnetic field.

As a result, you connect with time and space - not distracted by it!

My invitation is that you go to bed early to rise into your consciousness and merge with your soul to take control.

* Free Kundalini yoga, meditation + sound bath.
* Class on the beach
* Low impact on the body.
* Please bring blankets and warm clothes.
* There's parking right in front of us.
* Bring a friend or two! All good things are to be shared!
* Between your breath, crystal bowls and the ocean waves there's nothing that can't be distilled from you.

Let's be friends @collective_grace

See you soon, xoxo Maria

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