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Collective Strength is a feminist leadership event series for women and nonbinary folks. Join us to:

• Set goals and practice new skills—like how to negotiate, give feedback, or present work

• Open up about the hard parts: where we’re stuck, what we’re scared of, and how it feels to pursue our ambitions in a world that often tries to hold us back

• Build connections that lead to new opportunities and collaborations

• Share our successes and celebrate each other along the way

• Eat snacks!

Collective Strength is part of Active Voice, a leadership and coaching company founded by Sara Wachter-Boettcher, and our events are cohosted by Katel LeDû, CEO of A Book Apart. We started this community because we're tired of how crappy most career advice for women is: Be assertive…but not abrasive! Be direct—but don’t forget to smile! Do what you love—no matter how burnt out and sick it makes you! And whatever you do, make sure you lean in (and if it doesn’t work, well, maybe you just weren't leaning hard enough).

Screw that. Instead, we want to talk about all the stuff that's on your mind—like breaking into a new career, nabbing a big promotion, finding the courage to quit your job and start your own thing, or putting yourself out there and becoming an author or a speaker. But we want to do it in a way that's honest about the barriers we face, like mental health stigma, anti-mom bias, or systemic racism. Because vague “you-go-girl” platitudes don't serve any of us. But a community that understands what you're facing—and cheers you on anyway? That has the power to change everything.

This group unapologetically centers women and all people who identify as nonbinary, gender nonconforming, and/or femme. If you don't fall into one of these groups, we ask you to please respect our community's focus and space.

All attendees at Collective Strength events are required to abide by our code of conduct: https://www.activevoicehq.com/cs-coc (http://www.strongfeelings.co/code-of-conduct). Thanks for helping us keep our events safe and welcoming!

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Pandemic Parenting Reset

Online event

The pandemic broke so many parents. Join executive coach and “begrudging pandemic mom” Donna Lichaw to start exploring how we can put ourselves back together.

We’ve all seen the news stories: parents—especially moms—are NOT okay right now. More women than men have lost their jobs during the pandemic, and moms were the ones most likely to quit when their childcare options ran out or Zoom school got to be too much. Other parents have spent months attempting to balance remote school and full-time work—and are now spending even more energy trying to decide how their family should handle school reopenings.

Donna Lichaw is an executive coach, speaker, and author. She’s also one of the pandemic parents whose career was upended and her energy depleted. And she spent MONTHS beating herself up for not being able to “make it work” right now.

Then she realized: she can still help people unlock their superpowers and make an impact at work right now. She just needed to think about her own work a little differently.

Join us for a casual conversation and Q&A where Donna shares how she reframed her own pandemic parenting experience, and how she’s helping her clients do the same. We’ll talk about how to:
• Find and own your superpowers, even when you’re exhausted
• Redefine success and stay connected to your sense of self right now
• Give yourself permission to acknowledge and grieve your losses (without comparing them to everyone who has it worse)
• Let go of expectations that aren’t serving you
• Give yourself the mental reset you need as vaccines roll out and in-person schooling resumes

This event is for you if:
• You know your colleagues don’t mind your kid popping into a Zoom call—but you still struggle to forgive yourself for it
• You miss your professional identity, but also feel guilty for caring about that right now
• You see other parents somehow “holding it all together,” and wonder why you feel like such a mess
• You’re not a parent, but you want to do a better job supporting colleagues and friends with kids

Donna is a leadership and executive coach, speaker, and author focused on working with women, LGBTQ, and other folks who don’t fit traditional models of leadership. She completed her coach training at the Gestalt International Center in Cape Cod, and is certified as a PCC through the International Coach Federation.

Donna works with leaders at places like Amazon, Disney, Google, Mastercard, Trello and Twitter, and is also the author of The User’s Journey from Rosenfeld Media. She lives in Brooklyn with her partner, Erica, dog, Ralph, and two sons, Max and Micah.

More about Donna: www.donnalichaw.com

This group unapologetically centers women and all people who identify as nonbinary, gender nonconforming, and/or femme. If you don't fall into one of these groups, we ask you to please respect our community's focus and space.

We start on time and run for 90 minutes. Need to join late or leave early? No worries!

12:00pm // Event opening + warmup

12:10pm // Fireside chat and Q&A with Donna

1:10pm // Small-group activity + closing takeaways

Zoom link shared once you RSVP! Please don't share that link.

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Master Your Emotions at Work

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