Feminist Leadership: Redefining what it looks like to lead and manage

Collective Strength
Collective Strength
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Indy Hall

399 Market St #360 · Philadelphia, PA

How to find us

Indy Hall is located in the Colonial Penn building at 399 Market Street. Take the elevator to the third floor and then head right! This space is wheelchair accessible, and no steps are required to enter the building.

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Being a leader is awesome: you get to influence how decisions are made, and support others as they learn and grow. But leadership can also be problematic: it can easily reinforce existing power structures, silence marginalized voices, and perpetuate biases that hold others back. So what would it look like to bring feminist principles into our leadership and management practices, and how might that change who and what we picture when we imagine a leader?


Collective Strength seeks to create a space for anyone who identifies as a woman, nonbinary, or femme. If you're a man, we're asking you to please respect this community and not join!


Lara Hogan, author of the new book Resilient Management, will join us to talk about her experience leading as a woman and a feminist. Guest moderator Brittney Dunkins, VP managing editor at JP Morgan Chase, will ask her about what she’s learned as a manager, a coach, and a trainer for other managers, and work to expand our conception of what leadership looks like to be more inclusive (and less stereotypically male).

We’ll also discuss the challenges women often face when they’re in leadership roles—from undermining peers to paternalistic bosses to internalized fears about our own limitations—and hold group discussions about how we can support each other, push back, and change norms.

More about Lara:


6pm // Doors open
Grab a drink and some food while you’re getting settled! We’ll provide lots of snacks, plus a variety of drinks (seltzer, soda, wine, and beer). We’ll start at 6:30pm sharp!

6:30pm // Opening exercise: Hyped/Freaked
We’ll get to know each other by sharing what makes us excited and nervous about leadership and management.

6:45pm // Discussion with Lara
Brittney will lead a "fireside chat" about leading with principles and managing as a woman.

7:30pm // Activity: Practice what you learned
We’ll host an activity where you can share your experience and get feedback from others.

7:45pm // Closing exercise: F Yeahs!
Before we go, let’s leave on a high note by sharing 1 thing we learned or want to do next.

8pm // Open networking time
Feel free to hang out afterward for more discussion, snacks, and drinks.