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REMOTE, ONLINE ONLY. Please don't go to Indy Hall! All RSVPs will be sent an email through Meetup with the Zoom dial-in information on Wednesday morning. If you have trouble getting into the session Wednesday night, leave a comment—we'll help!

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All members who RSVP will be emailed instructions for joining via Zoom, using a computer or a phone.


You don’t need a “manager” title to be a leader. True leadership can come from anywhere, and it starts with showing up for yourself: advocating for your needs, sharing your perspective, and identifying moments to step up.

But for those of us who’ve been socialized to be “nice”—to be agreeable, easygoing, and definitely not pushy—that might be harder than it sounds. Instead of stepping up to get a meeting back on track, we quietly seethe about how unproductive it is. Instead of asking crucial questions about benefits or company culture, we tell ourselves we’re lucky to get an interview at all. Instead of showing up at our manager 1:1s with our own goals and requests, we wait for the boss to tell us whatever they think is important.

Let’s work together to change this—because as soon as we start showing up as leaders in our own lives, we can start changing things for others, too. In this workshop, leadership coach and Collective Strength co-host Sara Wachter-Boettcher will help you get in touch with your inner leader, and start bringing it to work—so you can stop being a passive participant, and start sharing ideas, advocating for yourself, and taking the lead in ways large and small.

You’ll learn how to:
- Reframe situations in ways that leave you feeling empowered, not stuck (while acknowledging that you can’t change everything)
- Bring your own perspective, needs, and agendas to work, rather than waiting for someone else to define them
- Use powerful questions to confidently ask for what you need

Collective Strength seeks to create a space for anyone who identifies as a woman, nonbinary, and/or femme. If you're a man, we're asking you to please respect this community and not join!

Sara is the founder of Active Voice, a leadership development company on a mission to make work culture better for everyone. She started Active Voice after leading a content strategy and UX consulting company for nearly a decade, where she worked with tech, product, and design teams. Now she spends her time coaching tech and design leaders, facilitating better, more inclusive meetings, and hosting professional development workshops.

She is the co-organizer of Collective Strength, a frequent speaker, and the author of three books for people who care about design, content, and tech industry responsibility: Technically Wrong, Design for Real Life, and Content Everywhere.

More about Sara:

6pm // Zoom session starts
We'll get started with walking everyone through the Zoom setup and making sure all the tech works

6:15pm // Opening exercise: Yes/Yikes
We’ll get to know each other by sharing in small groups what excited and scares us about showing up as leaders.

6:30pm // Workshop
We’ll work in pairs to identify how we want to show up as leaders, and practice flipping the script from passive to active.

7:50pm // Closing exercise: F Yeahs!
Like always, we’ll leave on a high note by sharing 1 thing we learned or want to do next.

8:00pm // Zoom session ends