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Mindful Marketing

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Mindful Marketing


How to stop faking it and start marketing your business, your freelance services, or yourself with presence and authenticity

Do you know you need to be more visible in your field, grow your network, or sell your services—but struggle to find your voice when you try to market? Digital marketing specialist Sarah DeGeorge is here to help.

Sarah knows firsthand how exhausting it is to play pretend in your marketing. After battling a bad case of burnout, she now shows people how to stop obsessing over “best practices” and start bringing more mindfulness to their marketing efforts instead.

Why mindfulness? Because marketing tends to focus on the past (what worked) and future (what’s next)—but rarely on the present: how do things feel in the "now"? But by deepening your self-awareness, you can instead build a marketing plan that fits the present form of you and your business.

In this interactive presentation and workshop, Sarah will show you how mindful marketing audits can help you:

• Be present in the moment and see what is and is not working with your marketing
• Better understand yourself and your goals, while tying them into marketing analytics to build out your marketing goals
• Connect customer data with your guiding values to write copy that sounds most like YOU
• Give yourself the grace to say "this doesn't align with my brand” and bring yourself back to a place of authenticity in your marketing

At the end of the evening, you’ll know how to check in on your marketing from a present and mindful standpoint on a regular basis—so you’ll stay more connected to your goals, in line with your values, and consistent with your audience.

Sarah is a digital marketing specialist who works in paid and organic marketing, public relations, and social media marketing and management to help small businesses find their authentic voice for their audience through a holistic marketing approach. When Sarah is not working on digital marketing strategy, you will find her on a walk at a local park, reading, or working in animal rescue and rehabilitation.

More about Sarah:

Collective Strength seeks to create a space for anyone who identifies as a woman, nonbinary, and/or femme. If you're a man, we're asking you to please respect this community and not join!

5:30pm // Event opening + warmup

5:40pm // Presentation and Q&A with Sarah

6:30pm // Small-group activity

6:45pm // Closing takeaways, commitments, and celebrations

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