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Looking to put together some games at my house off 70th/Lake Murray so generally central and I am flexible about start time but lean towards 6 or so so we can get some good hours in and not be dying when we have to wake up for work the next day. We are all normal guys, a few in real estate (myself included) and one of the other guys owns a construction company.

I would be happy to spread .25-.50 max buy 100-200 NL or even some limit games. I never rake and there are no dues of any kind. just fun poker with new friends where nobody can lost a mortgage payment.

I also have a table that uses the "Bold Poker" app you can find on the apple and android store (check it out- https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/bold-poker-your-personal-poker-dealer/id649867493?mt=8 ). So my table can be 100% self dealing. It is amazing to play on and really speeds up the game. Once you see it you will tell all your poker friends about it. It makes playing home games way more fun because the pace is much closer to turbo online games. If for whatever reason people are uncomfortable using it I do have a KEM setup (those are casino quality poker cards) and we can just shuffle up and deal but I can assure you you have not had as much fun at a home game in your life as having to not have to "deal" with shuffling and dealing. It's awesome. You can see it in the picture for the group. Like I said I don't care if we use it but once you see it you will love it I promise:) I’m happy to explain how it works to anyone who’s interested.

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