Self-Love (Millennial Think-Tank)


Hey Young Leaders!

This will be our 14th Millennial Think-Tank! Everyone that attended our recent Millennial Think-Tank (Topic: Networking), can agree that the underlining topic of each session had to do with something on the lines of Self-Love.

---My personal story on loving myself---

I'm reaping the benefits of engaging in activities and surrounding myself with others that help me appreciate myself as a human being; I'm learning to live my life the way how I want to live it, and spend my time with others who I want to spend my time with. About two years ago, I was involved in an intimate relationship and solely surrounded myself with friendships that weren't focused on the same goals and life purpose that I saw in my future. And, to satisfy those who were around me, I wore a mask (metaphorically) to not disrupt the social norms within our group of friends. However, I began to realize that I was only hurting myself by doing this, and I chose to make the toughest decision in my life (thus far) which was to part ways from my old friendships. This may sound selfish, but now, I'm living the happiest moments in my life because I don't have to wear that mask anymore (Metaphorically).

A lesson to you all -- when you part ways from others, it doesn't make them good or bad people. That means that your vision and goals in life aren't aliened with theirs--

--- Some Statistics---

Let's look at the workplace. Over 70% of employees are disengaged and unmotivated in their careers. As we mentioned in our previous event, 50% of married couples get divorced. Also, think about the substance abuse rates in the United States (which is one of the countries in the world with the highest demand for drugs), and we're the country with the highest number of overweight people in the world.

My opinion for these statistics is that people work in jobs, hang out with "fake" friends, be in a mediocre relationship, get drunk or high (consistently), and over eat because they have a void they are filling in with these external things; people see these alternatives as an escape from their realities.

--- The purpose and logistics for this Millennial Think-Tank---

This Millennial-Think-Tank is to learn from one another on intrinsic motivating activities others are doing to practice self-love and to truthfully choose to be happy in their lives. This is for those to express their troubles in not knowing how to love themselves.

This event will be ran in an unconference style. Overall, we will have discussion-based sessions which will be focused on Self-Love, and we'll all give our opinions, suggestions, and comments on the topics being addressed.

In the education field, they have these unconference events where different educators come together to gain and share knowledge about any topics regarding education; they are called edcamps. We are essentially using that same model. Check out the video below to get an idea of what an unconference event looks like.

-- Dress Code: Casual --

1. Agenda for the event
2. Welcome
(Mingle over light refreshments)
3. Introduction of Inspimind (Motivational Speaking Organization)
4. Millennial Ice Breaker
5. Edcamp Video
6. Break-Out discussions
Session 1 (Discussions)
Session 2 (Discussions)
7. Debrief Adjournment Registration for event (Click here to register to attend the event)

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-Wilfredo Betance Jr