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In that same spirit as my house parties, I’m really excited to be launching a new multi-meetup event series that brings together all of my groups for unique ways to network, share and learn from each other….and even make the world a better place along the way!

The new events are called “Sparkdays”. Each month we will take a compelling topic and explore it from multiple perspectives with lots of opportunities to spark ideas, connections and network….all in a fun and creative atmosphere.

I’m holding a FREE launch event that includes brunch….and I would love to have you be there!

Celebrate the Launch of Sparkdays!

Join in a day of experimenting, learning, conversing and laughing. The theme for the launch event is “The Multidimensional Life”…and true to its name, we will be exploring it in multiple ways.

In addition to sampling a variety of topics from the meetup groups and future Sparkdays, we will also be exploring “The Multidimensional Life” as a set of values/skills and a way of describing many of us that don’t fit in the usual boxes.

For example:

• Do you have multiple talents and interests? Do you often use hyphens to describe yourself?(ie; engineer-musician-yoga instructor)

• Do you often have ideas that are ahead of their time and often go against industry/cultural norms? Do you get bored easily and like to be creative and feel challenged?

• Have you been called an “Old Soul” and often feel like you see the world differently than most people?

• Are you passionate about wanting to make the world a better place…somehow?

• Do you have lots of communities but still are looking for that place that feels like home? A place where all the parts of you are welcome?

The event includes:

• Brunch!!
Yummy food prepared by professional chef and the best fiancé ever, Nick. Lunch will have all sorts of options to accommodate those of us that are dairy free, gluten free and vegan….oh and of course, omnivores too! :)

• Multidimensional Sampler of Fun (queue dramatic echo here)
Here is the special secret sauce part of the day. We will be using a variety of activities to get you connecting, talking and sharing your passion as we explore what it means to live a multidimensional life and share your unique gifts in the world.

• Conversations Worth Having
Nothing wrong with social chit chat, however, here’s an opportunity to dive into deeper and more significant conversations about ourselves, the world and what it means to be human.

• Beyond Networking….Networking!
Instead of traditional networking we will be opportunities to get to know each other better and help each other. Oh….and see the talent show below!

• The Blatant Plug Talent Show! Here’s networking with a twist. You get 3 minutes to promote something, introduce your business/project or even beg for business….however, you have to entertain us while you do it! I’ve done this before and it’s been wildly fun and I still remember everyone that got up to perform. Be memorable. Anything goes…you could….

Act out a skit --Write a poem--Do a standup routine--Sing us a song--Create an interactive game--Show a clever multimedia--Tell a heartfelt story about your project...

You get the idea….just remember this isn’t your usual talent show…entice us to want to work with you!

***There will only be 15-20 spots so be sure to reserve yours if you would like to participate. Email me at [masked] to hold a space.

• Next Steps
What would you like to have happen next? What topics are hot for you? What ideas do you have about creating your ideal community/network? Would you like to speak at a future event? Do you want host a meetup event or help get the community going? Great! Let’s explore ways we can collaborate and create together.

I hope you can join me!

Date: September 22nd

Time: 11am – 4pm (facilitated programming ends at 3pm)

Place: Hibernian Hall, 151 Watertown Rd, Watertown, MA

Parking: There are lots at the Hibernian

Public Transport: There is a Bus Stop about a 10 minute walk from the Hall at the intersection of Mt. Auburn Street and Main Street.

PLEASE RSVP! You are welcome to bring friends but please let us know so that we can make sure we have enough food (or conversely don’t waste any)!

For Questions Contact Trish: [masked] or[masked].

What Meetup Groups are invited? Here’s a list of my meetup groups. Do you have another meetup group that you would like to invite? Great! Let me know and we can invite them too!

Relationships & Sexuality: Eros (, Singles Dance Party (, Singles Dinner Party (
Spirituality: Soul Experiments (
Business: Entrepreneur Allies (, Nonprofit Allies (, Green Business Allies (
Creativity & Arts: Express Yourself (, Revelry Dance Parties (
Conscious Living: Everyday Utopia (
Technology & Science PLUS: Collide (
Health & Wellness: Vital Body & Mind (

I want to create events and community where we can:

• Cross-pollinate – Various Disciplines, Expertise, Ages, Backgrounds, Cultures, Educations, etc.

• Create Alliances – Both Obvious and Surprising

• Get Support for our Passions & Projects

• Be Creative & Express – Experiment, Try New Things and Have Fun in the Process

• Connect in Multiple Ways and Share All parts of Ourselves

• Learn Stuff!

• Help each other Make a Difference in the World

• …and of course, if you are available…meeting great people for a love connection too!