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The Collider is a hangout & collaboration hub for software engineers in Detroit, located in the heart of downtown. We regularly host speakers, workshops, hackathons, social events, & more specifically focused on enriching the technical software community.

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Is the Future of Voting on the Blockchain?

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If we’ve learned anything this election season, it’s that voting can be complicated! Conventional wisdom says that paper ballots are the safest option to prevent direct fraud, but with over 100 million votes to collect and count, the system is slow and cumbersome. If only there was a way to ensure security, electronic voting could offer drastic efficiency and accessibility improvements to the voting process… Could blockchain be the answer? Join Collider and Nate Talbot for a roundtable discussion exploring how blockchain tech could usher in the future of secure voting in the U.S. and beyond. Nate Talbot is a distributed ledger enthusiast and co-founder of the Detroit Blockchain Center.

Taming Big Data for Decision-Making

Online event

In this roundtable discussion, we’ll be talking all about practical applications of Big Data analysis and Artificial Intelligence. Here are some examples of questions we expect to cover in this interactive group discussion: 1. What are common methods for analyzing big data sets? 2. What’s the difference between Data Engineering vs. Data Science? 3. What is Artificial intelligence (AI) and should we be afraid of it? 4. What are some practical applications of AI in Detroit? 5. What do Data Engineers do on a daily basis? The roundtable will feature senior business analysts Antony Raj Martin and Rama Hammo, each Altimetrik team members who work at Ford Motor Company.

Level-Up Your Load Testing with JMeter

Online event

In this roundtable discussion, we’ll be talking all things Apache JMeter, an open-source load testing tool for analyzing and measuring the performance of a variety of services, with a focus on web applications. We’ll cover the following to kick off an open group discussion: 1. What is JMeter, and who can benefit most from it? 2. What are some exciting applications of JMeter? 3. How to best get started with JMeter? All experience levels are welcome! Learn more about Apache JMeter here: https://jmeter.apache.org/ The roundtable will feature senior full-stack engineers Ankur Sharma, Ryan Moussa, and Yvan Gakuba, each Altimetrik team members who work at Ford Motor Company.

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Detroit Tech Watch: What Did I Miss This Summer?

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