What we're about

"Give us your tired, your cash poor,

Your visionary entrepreneurs yearning to startup,

Those rejected by vc's, angels and the banks.

Send these, the cashless, tempest-tost by validation processes gone awry, to us,

As we lift the lamp of funding besides crowdfunding's golden door!"

Crowdfunding is all about democratizing the manner in which capital is raised for business startups and for charitable, artistic, commercial and other business ventures. Thus, it's fitting for us at Colorado Crowdfunding (which is both Colorado's oldest crowdfunding meetup group and the third largest crowdfunding meetup group in the U.S.), to harken back to our national symbol of freedom and democracy, The Statue of Liberty (which itself was erected due to the efforts and donations of early crowdfunders) for inspiration. Something very, very profound is happening worldwide and the wiser vested interests of the past are beginning to realize that they need to get aboard the train before it leaves the station.

Together with our affiliated sister sites,

Product Pre-Sales Crowdfunding:

https://www.meetup.com/Crowdfunding_Kickstar... (https://www.meetup.com/Crowdfunding_Kickstarter/)

Real Estate Crowdfunding:

https://www.meetup.com/Colorado-Crowdfunding-Real-Estate-Crowdfunding (https://www.meetup.com/Colorado-Crowdfunding-Real-Estate-Crowdfunding/)/ (https://www.meetup.com/Colorado-Crowdfunding-Real-Estate-Crowdfunding/)

our mission is to consider, over time, some of the more significant and relevant product pre-sale and investment-based crowdfunding platforms (and other channels) on which one or more of our members may be able to launch, and then successfully conclude, a crowdfunding campaign. Along these lines, in our various monthly meetups we explore not only the current rewards-based crowdfunding platforms, but also the newly-emerging investment-based crowdfunding platforms as well. In each case, our examination is limited exclusively to how these platforms and other crowdfunding mechanisms and channels can benefit local, Colorado-based, inventors, business people and entrepreneurs, as well as those investors and deal makers who are located somewhere within the state.

At each of our individual meetups, we create a free, safe and secure environment where you can obtain reliable information about a specific type of crowdfunding that's timely, germane and unbiased without being sold, handled or mangled by service providers trying to get into your pockets or pocketbook.

If you're a business looking for funding or someone with a cool new product or gadget, or even if you've cooked-up an interesting real estate deal that you've been considering, then Colorado Crowdfunding meetups are the place to be. If, on the other hand, you're an individual who is a lover of new technology or an investor looking for investments, then come to the Colorado Crowdfunding meetups to learn all you can about crowdfunding and crowdfunding campaigns before donating to, or making an investment in, one.

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