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Hello how are you? Haallo wie giehts dear? Hallo whohadhit? Salu commentalivou? Salaam aap kaise hain? Nǐ hǎo Nǐ hǎo maa? Marhaban kayfa haaliki? Priviet kakzela? Namaste aap kaise hain? Konnichiwa genkideska? Olaa como estaas?

We welcome all races, religions, cultures and ethnicities! Make a positive contribution to world peace in Colorado by learning more about cultures. Encouraging peace and friendship through International and Interfaith activities, cultural exchange, languages and food. Meet at cultural centers, temples, mosques, churches, synagoges, festivals and educational institutions and collaborate with international non-profits.

Join us for your next cultural experience. We organize international festivals, potlucks, cultural activities and outdoor events. We also provide support to the international community through posting events and announcements via our website: https://cmnshort.com

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Our Mission:

Exploring cultural diversity in Colorado.

Our Vision:

To create intercultural and interfaith understanding between races, religions, nationalities and cultures so we can interact, socialize, learn about each other, and promote peace and friendship.

All events hosted by CICE meet the following (does not apply to events hosted by other groups):

• Family friendly - all ages welcome, family-friendly non-alcoholic

• Cultural Education - you will learn something about world culture

• Affordable - events are either free or very affordable

• Inclusive and Diverse - regardless of what part of the world you are from, religion, background or values - we want you to feel comfortable at our events


Nominate an organization or group that has contributed to international peace and understanding, please complete the form. Our site will feature "Colorado Top 50 Contributors to International Peace & Understanding". These include restaurants, non-profits, Meetup groups, student organizations, language groups, cultural centers, Facebook groups, religious places of worship and anyone with a international public presence. https://cmnshort.com/international

Upcoming events (5)

Mostly Moroccan - Music at the Merc

Mercury Cafe

Moroccan, North African, and Egyptian music concert and dance party! played by Rachid Halihal and Fella Oudane ~ ~ Yes! there will be a big dance floor for everyone to dance... Yes! there will be workshops to accompany this event ... * * MUCH MORE INFO TO COME * Save the date ~ how about an early brunch at Mercury Café organic foods restaurant and then go upstairs to the ballroom for exciting, mesmerizing music with ✨Rachid and Fella ✨🤩 ~ The cost for the concert/dancing to live music! in the ballroom will be $20.-$25. and there will be a cash bar as well. ~ Stay tuned to this event page for tix purchase-link and workshops info. See you there !!!

4th Annual Denver International Festival

Civic Center Park

The 4th annual Denver International Festival is a summer celebration of the best traditional food, music, art, and drinks from Colorado and abroad. Come eat, drink, dance and play on Saturday, August 3th 2018 from 11am - 7pm in the heart of downtown Denver at Civic Center Park. Based on last year's description: Enjoy the sounds of live cultural rhythms, vibrant International flavors, traditional artwork, and a beer garden just a few short steps from the State Capitol inside Civic Center Park. This event is FREE to the public and will feature over 25+ Performers, 20+ Food Trucks, 50+ Vendors, a Beer/Wine Tasting, a Kids Village and more. The Denver International Festival will not only be the city’s largest celebration of global FOOD + MUSIC + ART but it also giving back to less fortunate communities in our own backyard and around the world through our annual benefit concert. The evening concert will feature a headliner in addition to a diversely talented group of homegrown musicians. For more info and updates: http://internationalfest.org/ https://www.facebook.com/DenverInternationalFestival/

"Naghmah" Arabic-Urdu-Farsi-Hindi-Pusto-Tajiki Music Fusion Project

Unique and challenging - called the "Naghmah" Music Fusion Project. It's still in the planning stages and we'll be seeking people who have an ear for song and music in these languages. Inviting, singers, musicians, writers, linguists and language experts from these languages. If you are excited, love to sing and want to be part of this singing group, please look for announcements. Please note, RSVPs will open 2 months prior to the event. There will be music, song, food and dance, so mark this on your calendar. It's in the planning stages now. It is an attempt to unite the diverse cultures in Denver and suburbs through song and music. In particular we'll be experimenting with creating fusion songs from Arabic-Urdu-Farsi-Hindi-Pusto-Tajiki languages. This is a vast region of Asia between Europe and China. Arabic - Arabic is classified as a macro-language comprising 30 modern varieties, including its standard form, Modern Standard Arabic, which is derived from Classical Arabic. There is Classical, Modern Standard and colloquial or dialectal Arabic. Hindi - Hindi is a standardised and Sanskritised register of the Hindustani language written in the Devanagari script. Hindustani is an Indo-Aryan language, incorporates a large amount of vocabulary from Prakrit, Persian as well as Sanskrit and Arabic (via Persian). Urdu - Urdu, like Hindi, is a Hindustani language. It evolved from Sanskrit and Prakrit, Persian and Arabic, and Chagatai, a Turkic language from Central Asia. Urdu and Turkish borrowed from Arabic and Persian, hence the similarity in pronunciation of many Urdu and Turkish words. Farsi - Persian, Farsi or Parsi derives from an Indo-Iranian branch of the Indo-European language family. Also known as Western Persian, Farsi, Dari or Dari Persian and Tajiki are variants of Persian. Pashto - Pashto sometimes spelled Pukhto is the language of the Pashtuns, known in Persian literature as Afghāni and in Hindustani literature as Paṭhānī.It is an Eastern Iranian language, belonging to the Indo-European family. Naghma in the various above languages has similar word in each langiage which means - "melody", "music", "tune".

3rd International Cultural Festival

Needs a location

Hello how are you? Haallo wie giehts dear? Hallo whohadhit? Salu commentalivou? Salaam aap kaise hain? Nǐ hǎo Nǐ hǎo maa? Marhaban kayfa haaliki? Priviet kakzela? Namaste aap kaise hain? Konnichiwa genkideska? Olaa como estaas? Annyunaseyo, hanshinin notteoseyo? Hello hoe gaan dit? Hyālō, āpani kēmana āchēna? Halo apakabarmu? Zdravo, kako si? Helló, hogy vagy? Merhaba nasılsın? Shalom, manishma? Haule shoma chetorast? Halō, elā unnāvu? Tvoeschk, yakshimash? We are excited to present this event that will feature a potluck, demonstrations and international trivia game. Unlike the past, food will be distributed across the hall by Region Tables to maximize social interaction. As always...a bit of assistance will be appreciated -:) Volunteers Needed!! 4:30 PM - Setup and Registration - flags & name tags 5:00 PM - Food Label & Planning- food labels and table setup 8:30 PM - Clean Up Starts International Trivia MC Please contact Feisal (720)[masked] if interested, or post in comments. As always, some important safety considerations for anyone bringing a dish or cooking: GLASS - All glass containers, utensils, serving dishes or crockery are prohibited for safety. ALCOHOL - All Alcohol is prohibited as we are not carrying a permit. FOOD SAFETY - For your safety and health, all Meat and Dairy Products MUST be fully cooked. All Vegetables and Fruit must be washed thoroughly. Read about Food Safety Guidelines. (https://www.cdc.gov/foodsafety/foodborne-germs.html) If there are any Raw or Uncooked Meat or Dairy products in your item, please make a note of it on the Food Label we provide. If Peanuts, Shellfish or other Allergens are present in your item, please make a note of it on the Food Label we provide. Read about Food Allergies. (http://www.aaaai.org/conditions-and-treatments/allergies/food-allergies)

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Cinco Demayo Festival

Civic Center Park

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