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"SOCIALIZING Introverts ?" Introverts are not shy people that rarely leave their houses and do no want to talk to other people. As with anything there are many types of people along the Introvert-Extrovert spectrum. Introversion is NOT a deficiency, defect, or handicap. Introverts are talented, knowledgeable, and capable of many things, including making friends and socializing. We just prefer not to do it in places with high noise levels and large crowds because we want to hear ourselves think, hear each other, and be heard.

There are many people that are introverted by nature, but don't mind getting out, socializing, and interacting in the right environments. There are also highly-sensitive and introverted individuals who may struggle with social anxiety. This group will attempt to facilitate regular opportunities to gather with other introverts in comfortable, low-stress environments to interact, to be social, to make new friends, and build friendships.

Also, though it is a "social" group, it is not a singles group, or a dating group. We welcome individuals regardless of relationship status. We all need connection with people we can relate with. We have meetups geared for "quieter" activities, like museum visits, discussion groups, dinner meetups, walks, and day hikes too.

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Summer Music Concert - Northern Suburbs

The Orchard Town Center

Let's check out a free summer concert in the Northern suburbs (click to see all details below). The group "Last Men on Earth" play a mix of 70's, 80's, and 90's Rock. Their concert is scheduled for Saturday, June 29, 2019, from 6pm to 8pm at the Orchard Town Center shopping area in Westminster. The shopping area is on the north side of 144th Ave just west of I-25. The event stage is set up on Orchard Center Drive (which is blocked off for the event) opposite 3 Margaritas Restaurant and Rock Bottom Brewery. Seating is BYOC (Bring Your Own Chair): there are very few seating options otherwise at the location (no lawn areas either). We will plan to find a place to sit to the west of the stage in the area near the built in fireplace and metal pavilion structure . The nearby buildings can provide some shade in the early evening and this area is not directly in front of the stage speakers. Don't plan to bring "adult beverages" as Security actively patrol the audience to enforce alcohol restrictions, etc. For parking, the recommendation is to find a spot in the parking area between JC Penney and Nordstrom Rack on the east side of the event location. The path to the event location is more straight forward from there. Parking west of the event location may be crowded with AMC theater traffic. If you arrive before 6pm, we will gather in the area outside The Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory before making our way to the other side of the event area to sit.

City Park Jazz - Buckner FunkenJazz

City Park Pavilion

Summer in Colorado is full of music concerts. Some of the most accessible and popular are the City Park Jazz concerts at Denver City Park. Let's plan to attend the Buckner FunkenJazz concert on Sunday, June 30. Lead by respected jazz musician Rod Buckner, BFJ has earned a reputation for blazing club, theater and festival shows that bring old-school funk and be-bop crashing together.. The concert starts at 6pm and goes until 8pm but feel free to come and go as you see fit. We will plan to sit on the grass (bring your own portable chair if you wish) and talking during the concert is allowed. Watch the weather forecast and plan to bring an umbrella if it looks like there may be rain. These are popular concerts and the crowds can be big (note to those sensitive to large crowds). Parking can be a challenge. Both the Denver Zoo parking and Museum of Nature and Science lots are available. If you don't see a parking spot, check the underground parking at the Museum of Nature and Science (parking entrance northwest of the building); there are often spaces available below ground level. For those arriving before the concert starts, we will meet beginning at 5:40pm near the life-sized statue of the mastadon at the northwest corner of the Museum of Nature and Science. By 5:50pm, we will walk from the museum toward the City Park Pavilion on the west end of Ferril Lake. We will make our way along the sidewalk on the north shore of the lake and try to find a spot on the grass just past the concrete and iron rail overlook section north of the Pavilion. Search the following map coordinates for the approximate location where we will plan to sit:[masked], [masked] Look for an orange backpack and a small Meetup sign to find the group.

Coffee & Conversation - July topics

drip denver

Join us for coffee and conversation! We have free-form and facilitated conversation with thought-provoking questions to help us get better acquainted. A topic for discussion for July is: * Freedom This meetup is scheduled for 2pm - 3:30pm in the loft area upstairs from the main section of the coffee shop (when it is available). There is free parking available in the parking garage inside the building. The garage entrance is just before DiFranco’s Italian restaurant on the left. Drive in on the left lane then down the ramp to the right to find parking spaces. More info on Drip Denver: http://www.dripdenver.com

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Casual Dinner - Arvada

Newk's Eatery

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