Colorado MUFON Welcomes David Toon

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The search for Extra-Terrestrial Vehicles in solar satellite Imagery
The presentation will focus on newly discovered objects scattered throughout NASA solar satellite archives that display intelligent patterns and structures. A few of the most shocking pictures from my personal file of over 43,000 images will be offered for consideration we may not be alone.
Major David Toon (Ret)
Retired Army Aviation Officer
Helicopter Pilot: OH-58 Scout, UH-1 Huey,
AH-64 Apache
Combat Veteran: Operation Iraqi Freedom II
Contractor: Iraq/Afghanistan
BS Degree in Liberal Studies
BS degree in Unmanned Aircraft Systems
Master of Science in Human Factors
Master of Science in Aeronautics with Space studies
Staff Sergeant – Electronic Warfare Intercept Systems
Tactical Repairer (Military Intelligence – 33S)
Aerostat Flight Technician - M22
MUFON member since 2015 and Field Investigator

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