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Penrose Commons Cleanup - Rescheduled

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This has been rescheduled to Saturday April 19th


We have scheduled a Penrose Commons cleanup for Saturday April 5th. This trail system is the Colorado Springs CQR adopt-a-trail, we did our last cleanup in November and need to do another before the weather gets to warm. We will meet at the Safeway parking lot on Hwy 115 and S. Academy Blvd in Colorado Springs for departure to the trail head at 10:00 a.m. sharp. Bring drinks, snacks, and lunch. It normally does not take more than a couple of hours to do the cleanup, if we have enough people and can break up into groups. It also provides an opportunity to do some riding afterwards. Please RSVP if you can make this cleanup and remember, it is our adapt-a-trail.

Trail Difficulty Ratings

* Grades of less than 10%
* Relatively smooth surface
* Most rocks less than 8” in diameter
* Stream crossings, if any, are typically less than 12 inches deep
** Easiest: Limited skill with little challenge to travel.

* Short pitches of grades up to 30%
* Grades generally 10-15%
* Surface relatively rough
* Most rocks are less than 15” in diameter
* Stream crossings, if any, are typically less than 18” deep
** Moderately Difficult: Some skills and challenge to travel

* Pitches of greater than 30% grade
* Grades are generally above 15%
* Surface will be rough
* Boulder negotiations of over 15” in diameter
* Stream crossings, if any, are typically greater than 18” deep
** Difficult: Significantly experienced skills and challenges to travel

Disclaimer: The rider assumes all responsibility to ride within their own capabilities on any of these trail rides. The trail rating guide system takes into consideration “typical” trail width of the ride, the steepness and the trail surface composition. These ratings are ONLY intended to be guides to make trail use easier and safer and to encourage you to assess your own capabilities before venturing out on any trail. Trail ratings are used to indicate the expertise needed to drive the trail under normal conditions but these conditions are subject to rapid change in Colorado (ie- weather, boulders, etc).