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We waived monthly membership dues! In the interest of building an active and substantial group, we are happily covering the cost of Meetup's service fees (until further notice). Events may occasionally require a ticket to attend.

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Are you a freelance designer? Branding agency? Print service provider? Website developer? Photographer? Video expert? Someone else creatively inclined? If the answer is yes, then we want to meet you!

This group aims to provide a dedicated time, a comfortable space, and all the refreshing inspiration needed to recharge your creative juices regularly. We also encourage our members to host networking events! Set up a site tour, host a program, or provide a hands-on experience. Contact the organizer today!

Thanks to Colorado Springs AIGA and AAF chapters, we already have local groups of talented creatives who's missions (we paraphrase) are to educate and promote our local advertising and design communities. We strongly encourage you to join either or both here: https://colorado.aiga.org/ or https://aafcos.com/

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Colorado Springs Creatives Rules of Engagement (Online and IRL)


1. Share Your Thoughts
We want to hear from you! Let us know what we can improve or include in our planning.

2. Host an Event
Contact the Organizer via private message to set up a site tour, host a program, or provide a hands-on experience.

3. Start a Discussion
Do you have a technical question? Are you looking for feedback? Or do you want to share a cool thing you just learned or discovered? Post it!

4. Post Job Opportunities
Let us know if you are hiring, hear of someone hiring, or if you have a new client inquiry that isn't in your scope of services. Let's support each other, so we all get to work with our "ideal" clients!


1. No Vending, No Sales, No Spam
Colorado Springs Creatives is a networking and collaborative group, so we expect a reasonable level of self-promotion. However, to prevent this meetup from becoming a total sales pitch, please be aware that Organizers will be monitoring post activity and may take action on an as-needed basis.

2. No Shaming
We will delete posts that intend to shame people or businesses for allegedly poor behavior or service. Please use designated online review services to voice these concerns. Thank you.

3. No Over-Posting
We will remove members who monopolize the group’s Discussions feed or Message Board after issuing a warning.

PLEASE NOTE: The Organizer will moderate messages sent to the Mailing List before delivery.

Upcoming events (1)

Doodle & Discuss: What lights you up?

Phantom Canyon Brewing Company

What gets you excited about doing what you do? What project made you passionate about your line of work? We want to know what lights you up! In addition to kicking off our topic of conversation, we will reveal this month's creative challenge. Can't draw? Don't worry, get creative with the skills you do have, and use the challenge to stretch your imagination. Need to take it back to the office? The challenge will be great for a mid-day energy boost whenever you need it! For those who would like to doodle while we discuss, there will be a limited selection of drawing supplies to share. We encourage you to bring your favorites if you have them handy.

Past events (1)

Drink, Doodle, Discuss!

Peak Place - Coffee Beer Wine

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