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Yes, this is the group for bringing products (like consumer items) and creativity (like videos) to market through crowdfunding. No, this is not the place for cause-based, equity or real estate crowdfunding. Yes, we’re forming this group to find talent and experience for crowdfunding campaigns. No, we have nothing to sell. We’re buying services, not selling anything. This is a group for individuals in the crowdfunding space, both people who have been there and people who need that experience. Don’t join if you want to spam the group - you’re not welcome. Crowdfunding is a hot topic. Notable successes brought lots of attention, making it hard for new teams to tell the good from the bad through all the noise and selling. For every successful crowdfunding campaign, there were many more that failed. We’re here to figure it out in person. This group is a spin off from the Colorado Springs Invention Incubator on MeetUp. We’re a social enterprise, as you’ll see defined on http://www.sos.state.co.us/pubs/business/FAQs/pbc.html. We need crowdfunding skills. But don’t hesitate to join just because you may not be an inventor or have the other skills you see on that ‘parent’ group. Join because you know or want to learn crowdfunding. Incubator teams will solicit talent with you rather than compete with you. It’s all good. If you’ve already run a campaign -- successful or not -- we want you in this group so we can all benefit from your hard won insights. If you’re planning a campaign - join to get help and avoid the painful lessons some of us already learned the hard way. We promise this is not a group with a hidden agenda, where personalities dictate who’s in and who’s out. Everyone has something to offer and something to learn. Think of this group as a support network for members who will cooperate with like-minded people. Join to collaborate, whether you're a serial crowdfunder, maker, videographer, social media whiz or all around valuable person.

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