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Flat Earth. Whether you have been researching for a while, or just intrigued by the topic, this group is for you! We are all in different places in our journey, but respect one another and welcome anyone who is questioning what they've been taught about the world around them. Please join us in some serious discussion for one of our Tuesday Talks, or hang out and have some fun on a Friday Night Fellowship evening!

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Tuesday Talks: All About Airplanes, Part 2 (NEW VENUE)

Peak Place - Coffee Beer Wine

Due to the unexpected (but awesome!) live music at the last Meetup, I feel like we didn't really get the chance to discuss all of the topics as thoroughly as I would have liked. So we are going to continue the conversation, and at a new venue: Peak Place Coffee House. It's very close to Pike's Perk, but should be nice and quiet :) Here's the description from last Meetup if you missed it: If anyone else did any Air traveling through the past Holidays, you've probably already been thinking about this topic... Airplanes. Gyroscopes. Flight paths. Oh, my! We'll be looking at the Earth Curve calculations, and the plausibility of a pilot's response as to why they do not pitch the nose of the plane downward to account for it. We'll be looking at the GPS technology used in airplanes' navigation systems and the mechanics of the Gyroscope. We'll be looking at intercontinental flight paths on a globe vs. the FE map, and emergency landing locations. And of course anything else that you've come across that is related! (Coriolis effect? Jet Fuel Hoax?) Lots to talk about :) Please RSVP, and see you at ***Peak Place!

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Tuesday Talks: All About Airplanes

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