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So what is this Invention Incubator thing anyway? Short Answer: The Invention Incubator is a social enterprise connecting non-linear innovators with linear managers to employ both America’s veterans and people on the autism spectrum. Long Answer: We form local invention and production teams to create new products, preferably assembled in the US by people with autism. We make jobs for them, independent inventors, makers, videographers, social media experts, veterans, crowd funders, etc. It’s an entirely new way to turn inventions into jobs and profit. Metaphor: We herd cats into companies. Details: We see two great needs that can be met by a new type of company: American manufacturing and jobs for people who are a bit harder to employ. One need is to bring innovation and light manufacturing back to America. We lost much of that over the past two generations. So the Invention Incubators will collect inventors, makers, videographers, social media experts, business leaders, veterans, artists, marketers, etc. to hammer out ideas that could create new products. The appropriate talent will then collect into teams to make it happen. Those teams will create products that, preferably, will help the second great need: employing people on the autism spectrum. It turns out that they’re better at assembly than pretty much anyone else. Who knew? So they’re perfect for assembling the products created by these teams while earning a good, independent living. Finally, most states now have some form of a public benefit corporation or B-Corp or social enterprise. They’re created to make a profit while also benefiting society in some defined way. We’ll benefit productive employment, especially of veterans (team leadership) and people on the autism spectrum (assembly).

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We planned to meet this Friday to discuss a video shoot. This meeting has been cancelled. This Saturday's video shoot has been postponed to next Saturday.

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