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Fun and Casual CLass on the use of Essential Oils for health and for Cooking

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Organizers Note: Kim has invited the Local Foods Group to this class on essential oils because the oils can be used for cooking.


Presented by local leaders in the Naturopathic Medical Community here in the Springs:

Dr. Cynthia Timberman Maguire, N.D., local Nathuropathic MD and

James Maguire, L.Ac., Certified Acupuncturist

Take charge of your healthcare and save money by learning to use Essential Oils to:

- Alleviate Headaches, Migraines, Muscle and Joint Pain

- Clear Congestion and Help Asthma

- Resolve Digestive Issues and Assist in Weight Loss

- Fight Infections and Viruses

- Lessen Premenstrual or Menopausal Symptoms

- Relieve Stress, Hypertension, Anxiety and Depression

- Reduce Fevers, Pain from Burns, Blisters and Bruises

- Soothe Sore Throats and Allergy Symptoms

- Eliminates Cold Sores, and Warts

- And Much More

Please come and learn VALUABLE information about keeping yourself healthy in this very toxic world.

Do you want Safer, More Affordable, More Effective Healthcare


There will be wine & snacks served.

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