What we're about

This is a group for ambitious, unstoppable women. Are you one of them?

You’re bold. You’re courageous. You refuse to settle. You’re a bad-ass.

People look up to you. You inspire others. You refuse to give up on your dreams.

But here's the thing - you have that tiny voice in the back of your mind that's holding you back. It's keeping you from becoming the powerful goddess that you know you are deep down inside. Others may think you have it made and that you have the perfect life, but you know there is more out there for you and you refuse to settle for mediocre. You're not showing up fully, you've been playing small, and you're still letting fear and insecurity prevent you from fully arriving.

This group is for you if you're DONE living like that. You're ready to break through and get what you want.

The purpose of this group is to come together as a community of unstoppable, courageous women. To learn from one another, have fun together, make some new friends who also love personal growth & development, and to learn and level up together.

My vision is that our group and community is such an uplifting space that you will never want to leave. This is a safe space for us to explore and learn about ourselves, to crush our fears and insecurities, and to create the life that you know you're meant to be living. The energy of this group is contagious and by coming together we not only increase our own vibrations, but we raise the frequency for all.

We will meet once per month and each month will have a lesson or topic that we focus on with the intent of building unshakable confidence, self worth, and to help you start to get super clear on what you want so that you can get it, make it happen, and regret proof your life.

You'll have the chance to learn something new about yourself each month and then take action, OR, you'll have the chance to take action in some area of your life and learn something new by doing it. Always on your terms, but with all of us cheering you on and helping you keep accountable for getting what you want!

I know this city is full of motivated, inspirational women and I want to meet you all!

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503 Garden of the Gods Rd

Networking Riches - TWO day event

Colorado Springs Marriott

Being Prepared & Self Defense w/ How We Interact Matters

21st Century Library


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