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"If God is so GOOD...why does life have so many DIFFICULTIES?"
Come and join a small group Bible study and update on our proposed church plant with Pastor Jesse Stern (Boulder, CO) and see what the Bible says about difficulties in Christian life. RSVP here and get directions to Shot's from the attached map. E-mail or contact me if any questions. Coffee & refreshments cost or obligation, just come, meet, and study together! Here's a teaser from Jesse about what we'll be studying... Grace is beautiful. Life is hard. Jesus wins. Issues are real. Life is great! But sometimes it seems like we've been dealt a hard hand. Truth is, it's not that Christians don't deal with issues - we do; but, in grace, we get to deal with them differently. And that's beautiful. Struggling? Questioning? Been dealt a difficult hand? You're not alone. God hasn't abandoned you - and neither have we! So let's take an hour or more next Saturday and see how the Bible helps us deal with our issues in a way that teaches our hearts to smile at grace that is always "just enough" for today. I look forward to see you on the 17th!

Shots Coffee Shop

162 Tracker Dr #100 80921 · Colorado Springs, CO

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