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Our goal is to assist the new writer from concept to completion. Ultimately, our small group provides the motivation to keep writing, no matter what. The Colorado Springs Writers' Workshop is an extension of the very successful Long Beach Writers' Workshop. It is a real workshop based on MFA texts. Critiques of new work, exercises and creativity are at the heart.

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You won't succeed if you don't show up

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Math, like life, only works when we understand how it works. It's not enough to know the right answer to your problem. The problems change too often.

Writing well is more than fundamentals plugged into an outline. When a character changes the nature of the problem, more potential solutions will arise than most new authors will know how to solve. To use and analogy: Bad writing is to addition what good writing is to calculus.

If you want to be great at anything it requires involvement to the level of immersion. You may think you're drowning; but, with similar souls to to lift you, you'll resurface... and eventually you'll start swimming.


Most self-help programs are really meant to make you feel better about yourselves. Nothing feels better than accomplishment. The purpose of our meeting is to help you finish your book.

In our first five years in Colorado Springs, our members have completed several books and are in the final stages of many more.

The group allows new people to audit the group before making a decision. We are looking for writers who really want to contribute. We genuinely enjoy new people and are willing to communicate our formula for success.

Are you serious about writing a book?


We'll get you out of your head and in front of a computer. You can't write your story if you never start. Bring your idea or your current writing project and we'll discuss the steps necessary to get it done.

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"Let's eat Grandma." Punctuation saves lives.

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