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We are a teaching group. We are serious and straight to the point. We are a results group. However, we seek the authentic YOU to join us, the group is serious but it isn't uptight. We still want to have an awesome experience and be ourselves. No dress code.

Are you ready to be a TITAN?

Most of us have experience in a field that we are passionate about, that we want to turn into a career by operating our own business and maybe even want to turn that passion into an empire, however, we get caught up on all the "business" of business. We created this group to fast track the business side of business so you can get back to your passion.

Then there's networking. Our belief is simple:

"The single most important asset other than yourself when operating a small business is the support of a network. Period. Nothing will have a better ROI." -The Consulting Professionals

Titans will champion this belief together.

Are you a or do you want to be a:

-Small Business Owner -Realtor/Lawyer -Local Artist/Entertainer

-Freelancer -Blogger -YouTuber/Podcaster

-Independent Contractor -Startup -Stay at Home Worker/Parent

-Service Provider -Tattoo Artist -Local Restaurant/Bar/Coffee Shop Owner

Are you seeking a way to take it to the next level? The list above is not exhaustive, simply an example of the types of entrepreneurs, professionals and freelancers that this group benefits.

We run a weekly 101 meetup to network, build a goals map and provide coaching. This is not a casual social meetup. Although, we will have fun interacting. This is about getting serious with your goals and growth.

Teaching events will consist of workshops and seminars. These will help you succeed as a business and provide tangible, actionable results.

Mastermind groups will be held weekly. This is a highly accountable mastermind group.

We will also hold social events to have a little fun and enjoy the support of our network.

We are not seeking massive numbers of people who never attend, please do not join our group unless you're ready to get serious about goals and growth. We want to focus our attention on helping individuals achieve results and reach goals. This is for the motivated individual or group. Our group will offer tons of resources, tools, accountability and teaching. This won't be about talking, it will be about doing.

For example, a workshop on 'How to Create a Standout LinkedIn Profile' would not be a boring class on how to do it, rather, it will be a dynamic, hands on group workshop that you will actually set up the profile and practice key tasks that produce organic growth. Going through the actual actions helps you learn more efficiently. When you leave the workshop, you will have the profile setup, already have achieved some growth, and know how to keep it going with less daily effort. And that's only one example, all of our workshops follow a similar process. Again, this is because we are focused on results.

This is not a get rich quick scheme, a sales funnel or mega marketing events. It is about organic growth, effective niche marketing, local business, freelancing, reasonable passive income strategies, networking, accountability and accelerating income growth through a sustainable and reasonable model of effective actions.

We welcome the determined, the motivated, the passionate, and the bold. We welcome TITANS!

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