Make a Unity Game in 90 minutes: VR edition

This is a past event

14 people went


Curious about what it's like to work in VR? Not an expert with Unity and C# development?

Come join us for an introductory session on working with Unity and VR. We'll have some example scenes in VR, and some building blocks that you can use to start making a basic game in (hopefully) 90 minutes.

It'll be a bit of an experiment, but here's the plan:
* 30 minute introduction to Unity / C#
* 30 minutes to go over the building blocks, and talk about how they work (and how things like user input work in VR)
* 90 minutes to put together an interactive scene in Unity

If we're going to pull off this event, we'll need some folks to bring VR devices and machines to run them. If you can help out, let us know in the comments.