What we're about

This is a group I am putting together to help victims of Narcissist Abuse. It will be open to men and women who have had the unfortunate luck to be exposed to a narcissist in your life. Husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, neighbor, mother, father, boss...

This group id being lead by Tracy Malone a recovering victim/survivor. I am not a therapist or any other credentials - I have a YouTube channel and I have made over 200 videos on different aspects of dealing with a Narcissist. This will be a group support system and we will share our stories and educate ourselves on how we were the perfect victim for a Narcissist. Lets get well together I hope to bring in experts to help guide us down this recovery road. If you are a therapist or psychiatrist and interested in speaking to the group at any point please contact me

My plan is to have a meeting once a month at first and feature guest expert speakers as well as discussions of topics each month.

Upcoming events (5+)

Narcissist Abuse Support Meetup

Boulder Library - Flagstaff Room



What is your healing vision for 2019? Vision Board workshop Arvada

Last month I held two of these workshops and I had a waiting list and many members have reached out expressing interest in having me do one again. I am holding a special paid event for 8 women, it will be held at a member home in Arvada. I will send out directions after you commit. We are going to create vision boards and talk about healing and changing next year. I will supply all the supplies and lunch. The cost per person is $40 for four hours of my time in a small group setting. You will get your questions answered and hopefully come away with a brighter outlook for 2019. We will have a total of 8 of us, Lisa and I plus 6 others please sign up and commit to paying the money at the door that day. I will send directions and address of the venue privately in a message here on Meetup. so look for that email Sorry men - nothing personal - just a girl event :)

TBD - Meeting In Arvada

Standley Lake Library


TBD - Meeting in Boulder

Boulder Library - Arapahoe Room


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