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The Colorado Center for Alternative Lifestyles (CAL) (http://coloradocal.com) is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) charitable corporation committed to creating an environment in our state that supports consenting adults who engage in alternative relationship expressions and structures. We pursue our vision through direct services, education, and outreach, in conjunction with our partners, to directly benefit individuals who choose alternative lifestyles and the communities that support them. In this meetup group, we hope to facilitate social gatherings and educational events for those in alternate lifestyle communities, and to build bridges between them for common understanding.

What do we mean by “Alternative Lifestyles”?

The communities that we intend to serve include the following:

• Non-Monogamy: Polyamory, swingers, open marriage, plural marriage, etc

• LGBTQ+: Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, asexual, pansexual, etc Kink: Leather,

• BDSM, M/s, D/s, power exchange, fetish, etc

In other words, we believe in providing support and empowering people to make their own choices with regards to:

• How they structure/restrict their relationships,

• Who they have those relationships with, and

• What they do within the bounds of those relationships

Upcoming events (5+)

Denver's Social Slosh: Ginn Mill Edition!

Location visible to members

This event is posted in multiple places: the RSVP numbers are NOT accurate here! What is a Slosh? It's a traditional kink munch, turned into a cocktail hour and opened up to everyone who lives alternative lifestyles! This is a laid back kind of event with a focus on schmoozing, milling, meandering and meeting awesome new friends. There is no food here, but they have a sweet happy hour from 3-7 and just about everything is $2-$3. We often grab a bite at a nearby restaurant afterwards to soak up the beer though. Come have a drink before dinner, or treat yourself to an after dinner cocktail. We get a private back room (there's usually a sign out front by a secondary door that's open for us, or go through the main entrance, through the back door to the patio and through the door immediately on the right and head to the right). We also get an awesome bartender all to ourselves, so no need to worry about interacting with 'nillas or running into your boss! Whether you're brand new to kink, non monogamy, lgbtqia, or you've been doing it all for decades, this is the event for you! We're friendly, welcoming, open, and kind and happy to help you start if you're curious! Bring a friend or two and come say hi! The bar is also pretty easy walking distance to a light rail station, so whether you're sans car or just don't feel like driving, you can still join!

Denver's Social Slosh: Super Sexy Edition!

Club of Kings

Denver's Social Slosh is incredibly proud to announce a partnership with Club of Kings to bring you our latest and most outrageous Slosh to date. If our other Sloshes are 101 level socials, this is a 300-level social. Club of Kings is the newest space opening for the Denver alt-lifestyle community, and it is a wonderful joint. There's spaces for sex, for kinky play, and for just sitting and shooting the shit with each other. Plus lots of fun games, and tasty drinks! It's a fun, laid back energy that encourages you to come and hang out with your new and old friends for a while. They are a monthly membership club, and memberships come with a ton of perks. We're hosting a Slosh at the Club as a pre-party for their sexy KARAOKE, kink, and sexy shenanigans party. And it's unlike ANYTHING we've done before. Why, you ask? No dress codes. At all. You can come in anything you damn well please. Latex? Check. Full puppy/kitty/pony/squirrel/monster/octopus gear? Check. Your prettiest lingerie? Check. Your hottest suit? Check. (Points if you wear lingerie with your suit). Nothing but body paint and a smile? Check. Literally whatever makes you happy. Just make sure you come to the door street legal, and you MUST bring a towel to sit on if your bits aren't covered. It's 100% free, and it includes boozy punch drinks. I highly recommend some cash to tip the lovely bartenders serving us drinks, but that's all. There are (regular, liquor store priced!!) bottles for sale, if you want something special. There's wine and beer for sale from the store, too! Soda and bottles of water are $1. A speakeasy feel- you gotta look for the blue light over the door and knock ;) You can get as sensual as you want during the Slosh (as long as it's not full on sex or a kink scene-save it for the play party after!!) Kinky body shots anyone? You can (consensually!) kiss, grope, collar and leash, have bondage gear on, and engage in any protocols and rituals that make you feel happy. Get flirty, have fun! You are welcome to bring cigars to smoke and enjoy! Woohoo!! After the Slosh, everyone is welcome to stay and play!! Club of Kings is featuring their karaoke that night, and because we're that extra, we're bringing in fucking machines that you'll be able to ride while you, uh, sing karaoke ;) (thanks to our friend Lark for the idea, and Towt for bringing his unit. Giggity.) Totally optional, but terribly fun! Beyond karaoke, there will be board and card games, our sexy truth or dare, plus kinky shenanigans a-plenty. Kink and sex play HIGHLY ENCOURAGED. Club of Kings features comfy beds for play. Bring your toys, lubes, and favorite protection. As always, all of our events are consent centered. Even with our sexy, charged atmosphere and fun games, consent rules. If someone tells you no, do not badger. No is a complete sentence. No one is obligated to play with anyone they don't want to. You can come and just watch- there is no pressure to play. If you are witnessed by any staff members violating consent or attempting to browbeat/pester/badger/coerce anyone into playing with you, you will be asked to leave and will not be allowed back at this event or any other Slosh events. If you are reported as violating consent, you will be spoken to. So behave! The only rules that apply are: Consent is required for anything. Ask to touch. Do not assume anyone wants to touch you, or wants you to touch them. Ask. Walk to the door covered, please. If you are wanting to be nude, you MUST bring a towel to sit on. If you don't bring one you'll be asked to keep underpants on. There will be a non-nude section so bring something to cover up. Don't be creepy. Be respectful and kind. Be 21+. Sorry :( You may bring your own mixers in. Make sure they're labeled! ABSOLUTELY. NO. OUTSIDE. ALCOHOL. There will be a small section with food: past that entry way, there will be no nudity. No bits in the dip. Make sure you've got underoos/a sarong to slip on past that doorway. There will be a back room with some pillows set up for a cuddling/little time. Bring your squishy stuff! This space will also be a game room if anyone wants to play a game! **Also! Cuz we love y'all, the Slosh is purchasing bottles of premium tequila, vodka, and Jim Beam and we'll be giving away shots! Suggested donation of $5/shot for liquor as a fundraiser, but it's truly a suggested donation!** Getting here: Parking is mostly street and some in front of the business. It is in a more industrial area, so DO NOT PARK in front of anything that says “Do not park here”. You will piss off the neighbours. The club is behind a liquor store; the back alley is where you enter. It's pretty large and well-lit. Look for the door with a blue light over it, and knock to be let in! There'll be a little sign on the door, too. We like it mysterious, but not impossible!

Second Monday Slosh: Blush & Blu Edition!

Blush & Blu

We're happy to have an additional Slosh at Blush & Blu! Blush & Blu is Denver's premiere queer-focused bar. They're proud to support the GLBTQI+ communities and are super happy to be working with other alt-lifestylers! This is a queer bar, but straight folks are MORE than welcome and you won't feel out of place at all! We're excited to be working with a space that is actively accepting of those in alternative lifestyles, in keeping with CAL's mission! Just like the Ginn Mill we'll have a private room (but we'll have to dart to their main bar for drinks). Blush & Blu features fancy-schmancy cocktails, craft beers, along with a well-curated selection of coffees and teas. Check out their fantastic drink menu here! (http://blushbludenver.com/menu/) This is a laid back kind of event with a focus on schmoozing, milling, meandering and meeting awesome new friends. Come have a drink before dinner, or treat yourself to an after dinner cocktail. There's no food here, but feel free to bring outside food in! They have a super cool space (there's a whole library loft! In a bar!!) and wonderful service. Sorry, 21+ only. Blush & Blu isn't near a lightrail station, but the 15& 15L run along Colfax all day and late into the night. Or, park for FREE behind the 1stBank building across the street, or if you can find a meter parking on Colfax is FREE after 6pm! Have you read the Slosh's rules about general conduct at events? You should- check them out here (https://fetlife.com/groups/126199/group_posts/7553025). They're extremely important- read them!! Did you know the Slosh has a group now?? Come join us Here (https://fetlife.com/groups/126199) and stay up to date on the latest Field Trips, Sloshes and find out what the question of the month is going to be at the next Slosh! Contact the event organizer Jordyn with any questions or if you want directions!

Class: Jealousy And Co-Dependency In Non-Monogamy

Denver's Dangerous Theatre

Read an overview of this class in the Culturs Magazine article written about it here: https://cultursmag.com/co-dependency/ It sucks to feel jealous. But the emotion is both common and natural in non-monogamous relationships, especially those that start out monogamous and later "open up" to include others in some way. In this class, we will discuss the root causes of jealousy, how to distinguish it from other negative emotions that might be confused for jealousy, and how to deal with negative emotions as they arise. The organizers will stress an approach that works to reduce co-dependency in relationships, discourages hierarchical models, emphasizes healthy boundaries (but not rules), and urges participants to make decisions from a place of love, rather than fear. Happy, fulfilling, and ethical non-monogamy is possible, when approached with care. The instructors, Isaac and Jordyn, will discuss their experience with over a decade of polyamorous living and relationships. No question will be to personal or invasive, so bring everything you might want to ask.

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