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Creating an EPIC Vision for 2013

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Price: $97.00 /per person
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Creating an Epic Vision for 2013:

Get Focused. Get Clear. Kick Ass.
Take Names.
Monday, December 17th. 10:00am-4:00pm
(Vision Board Materials and Lunch included)
Self Investment: $97 Early Bird - $197 at the door
Location: Garcia's Mexican Restaurant
Why should you create a Vision Board?
You can create FAST when you create a vision board - A man came to my vision board event last year and he needed a new TV – he put a flat screen on his Vision Board, and 2 days later at his company Christmas party, he won a 32-inch flat screen. And I keep receiving Emails from the people who attended, telling me how so much on their vision board has come to fruition – relationships, money, business growth, travel, etc. Are you ready for some of that?! Whether you have a business or not, creating a Vision for the 2013 will get you focused on creating a kick-ass new year!
Alright Entrepreneurs, it’s time to get clear for the upcoming year – ready to create an EPIC Vision for 2013?! Now is the time to take a look into your future to see what you want to create! As you may have heard, you’re pretty damn amazing. Are you aware of that? YOU, when you harness the power and focus of your mind, can create anything that you desire to create.
Click here ( to register. Are you ready to:
Get un-scattered & Get Clear on the business & life you want to create... (clarity is power) Kick Ass and Take Names in 2013... (why not?) Break away from limitations that keep you from having more of what you desire... (letting go is key to receiving more) Generate Growth like you may never have before... (Growth is a natural state of living) Have More Fun in business and in life... (When you hit goals and targets, it all becomes more FUN) Give up Failure and harness more success... (There is no failure, only feedback) LET GO of the seriousness of life or business... (what if it's all meant to be for fun?) Create an EPIC Vision Board for 2013... (Your life goes where you direct your focus) Click here ( to register! There re limited seats available for the event, so if you're serious about creating an EPIC Vision for 2013, register today! Please let me know if you have any questions :)
Joy and Prosperity,
George Ira Carroll

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