Past Meetup

Quick After Work Hike to watch Sunset+ Pizza + Meteor shower

Needs a location


I understand it is very last minute thing for all of people here (I am going to blame John who only introduced me to all of you just 2 days ago :)) But I thought some of you might be interested in this event where we will do a quick after work hike, have some Pizza (GREATEST after Hike food) and go to evergreen and watch the Perseid Meteor shower before calling it a night.

Hike - While I met most of you on Sunday and I heard that you guys would be interested in Hiking, I will put something together for a hiking a 14er or snowshoe later this year but I thought it is a good idea to start with a very small after work hike. We'll hike along Dinosaur Ridge, which has great views in all directions and will be ideal for watching the sunset at 7:59pm

NOTE: this is not any tough hike - almost all of the elevation gain (Apprx less than 500 feet )is in first quarter mile of the hike and then it is pretty easy as we will just walk/hike along the ridge that gives us Green Mountain/Denver/Lakewood/Golden views to the east and Mt. Morrison/Red Rocks/Front range to the west.

It would be a good practice to test out your new Hiking equipment like new hiking shoes/backpacks/hiking clothes etc because it will give you an idea if you are comfortable with your gear on small hike before you do something tougher.

Round Trip Length: 2.5 - 3 Miles

Apprx Time Hiking: 1.5 hours (At most)

It should be a great late summer night but make sure to bring a light jacket/rain jacket - just in case.

Dinner: We should be back from hike around 8:30PM and I would like to headout to Frontroom Pizza (about 10 mins drive from the Trailhead/Parking lot). I have gone there several time after doing some after work hikes and they have the best personal pan pizza in Denver. Or we can go wherever people would like to go.

Perseid meteor shower:The annual Perseid meteor shower is considered among the best of the annual displays thanks to its high rates of up to 90-meteors-per-hour for a single observer, as well as its reliability. After dinner we will head out to Evergreen to watch the meteor shower (Approx 9:30ish). Everyone should be back to their homes by 11:00PM.

Directions for Hike: We're meeting at the Stegosaurus Lot at the southeast corner of I70/Hwy 26 on the west side of the hogback in Morrison. Click here for a map with directions. Hwy 26 is the first exit from I70 ("Morrison" exit) west of C470. Note: Another trailhead for this hike is off of Rooney Road on the east side of the hogback--we are not meeting there.

Directions to the place for Meteor Shower: I am thinking about going near Alderfer 3 Sisters Park in Evergreen to watch the Meteor Shower.

To access the park, travel south of Evergreen, Colorado on Highway 73. Turn west on Buffalo Park Road, approximately 1 mile to the east parking lot. A second parking lot is located another 1/2 mile along Buffalo Park Road and the physical address for this larger lot is 31677 Buffalo Park Road ( This is at the intersection of Buffalo Park and S Lemasters Road in Evergreen, we'll be parking here.