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Who am I? What is my purpose? What can I accomplish in life? How do I chart my own course in life? Is there more to this wonderful universe than I see around me? What is self? These are the great questions the brave and insightful have always sought answers to. Exactly what you are seeking, what you want to accomplish, what challenges you face or difficulties you want to conquer is, of course, only for you to judge. But perhaps what you seek can be explained simply and generally as greater personal power, a more focused attunement with life, and heightened spiritual awareness.

Information for Denver Meetups:

The Colorado Region has two groups, Mountain Rose Pronaos in Denver, and Pikes Peak Atrium in Colorado Springs. Both groups are returning to in-person meetings. However, we are also providing open access to Rosicrucian teachings, exercises, meditations, and discussions using Zoom.

AMORC Department of Instruction hosts Zoom meetings every Wednesday afternoon that are open to the general public. The Colorado Region offers two online meetings a month, open to AMORC members only. Access is provided through the Members pages on the main website www.rosicrucian.org.

Please visit our Events calendar and join us on Zoom.

If you don't have Zoom, you can download it here: https://zoom.us/client/latest/ZoomInstaller.exe

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Transfiguration: A Mystical Perspective

Online event

One of the most spectacular, and at the same time most intriguing, events related in sacred scriptures is that of the Transfiguration described in the Gospels. Many Rosicrucian laws and principles are involved.

Join Hugh McCague as we explore transfiguration in its universal meaning and relevance to the story of the Master Yeshua and others, as well as our own mystical development and work in the evolvement of humanity and all.

We look forward to connecting with you again very soon!

The Department of Instruction
Rosicrucian Order, AMORC

This event is offered at and is open to nonmembers

1:30 pm Pacific Time
2:30 pm Mountain Time
3:30 pm Central Time
4:30 pm Eastern Time

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Amazing Ancient Egypt

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