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Who am I? What is my purpose? What can I accomplish in life? How do I chart my own course in life? Is there more to this wonderful universe than I see around me? What is self? These are the great questions the brave and insightful have always sought answers to. Exactly what you are seeking, what you want to accomplish, what challenges you face or difficulties you want to conquer is, of course, only for you to judge. But perhaps what you seek can be explained simply and generally as greater personal power, a more focused attunement with life, and heightened spiritual awareness.

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Open Meetings - Presentations and Round Table Discussion 10:00 on the 4th Saturday of each month . Bring a friend and join us in these lively conversations on science, mysticism, the arts and the powerful life of personal transformation found in the ancient , initiatic tradition. You'll be amazed at the powerful ideas that emerge as like-minded individuals reflect and recombine the insight and wisdom of our participants. Convocations are for Ancient Mystical Order of the Rose-Croix Mountain Rose Pronaos (Denver) ( Colorado Region ( Meetings at: 7100 Broadway, Denver CO

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