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Meetup is open to everyone, lets discuss living a more authentic life with love, forgiveness and appreciation.

We all have our stories and share our stories every day with those around us. These stories influence how we handle day to day situations, how society deals with cultural beliefs and values and in some cases even influence world events.

When we identify to strongly with stories from the past, especially the negative events and certainly in the case of traumatic experience the story can becomes a major part of our identity ( such as I am a victim) it becomes hard to move away from the actions we take that are not serving us to help enforce this erroneous identification.

I want to share some insights on how to loosen our model of the world and see things in a new light. In looking at our stories from a different angle, one of love, appreciation and forgiveness we an then learn the lesson we need to learn, thank the event for taking place and finally move on to where we want to be.

We can choose to live life in the waiting game, in fear and in chaos or we can see that truthfully we come from love and each of us has so very much to offer when we let go and let spirit in.

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Canadian Academy of Therapeutic Arts (CATA)

Discuss living more in tune with ou authentic selves

Canadian Academy of Therapeutic Arts (CATA)


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