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Continuous Integration on AWS

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The process of automatically building and testing your code, Continuous Integration, is a crucial part of the modern software development process. In the age of cloud microservices, it can be a challenge to build all of the services and test the integration of them all. AWS provides a few services to help standardize the process (CodeBuild, CodeDeploy, CodePipeline). So do BitBucket, CircleCI, and numerous other CI/CD providers.

Do you have a story you would like to share about your experience with Continuous Integration on AWS? We are looking for a couple presenters to speak for 15-20 minutes at this meetup. We will have an extra $500 AWS Credit raffle just for these speakers. Message me with a brief synopsis of your story for a chance to present.

Speaker Slot #2: Russell Heimlich
GitHub --> CircleCI --> GitHub --> AWS CodePipeline --> AWS CodeDeploy

Speaker Slot #2: Dan Rusk (unless another brave soul volunteers)
BitBucket --> Jenkins on AWS --> EC2 AMI

Come and join in on the conversation and meet your fellow AWSers. As always, pizza and drinks will be provided for free by Thorn Tech! In addition to the $500 credit speaker raffle, we will have a door prize of $500 in AWS credits, you just need to be here to get a raffle ticket.