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My Name is Allen and My wife's name is Jenny, I wanted to try and create a group for couples. Sometimes when couples get together the guys can't connect and other times it is the ladies having challenges bonding. Who is this group for? This group is for any couple that desires to meet other couples; build friendships that are meaningful. So what makes this Meetup any different than the rest? I have not seen many groups that focused on couples that are already in meangingful relationships. I would like to see this group connect couples for dinner, movies, bowling, hikes, and other fun events. Do to Raising our children we let some of our friends fall by the wayside maybe you have as well. We are still young, Jenny is 42 and I am 50. We are wanting to find Couples we can all go out with, again build Friendships.
I could use another person to Admin this site with me as well. Hit me up if your interested!
It doesn't matter what your age, religion, sexual preference, race is! Everyone and anyone are all welcome as long as you bring positive vibes!
We're thinking, Game Nights at Our house or rotating homes. Whats your suggestions???? Looking for Couples that enjoy a little drink now and then and are out to let go and have fun!!

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