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Hi I'm Oliver. I am new to Maryland and I am in awe of the hiking environment here. I am a transplant from San Francisco Bay Area, California. I love everything Maryland public space has to offer. 2021 is here and I hope to see you as the skies gets sunnier. This is a pet friendly group ;)

After work and on Weekends I propose taking a fast paced Hike in Parks and the Villages of Columbia.

No backpacks or hiking boots required. A possible bottle of water maybe.

Hiking has the connotation of excitement over walking so I will use that word but I really mean to move at an exercise pace even if it is a fast walk for 75 minutes. The evenings are getting dark earlier but I cannot get to Columbia earlier than 6:30 PM during the work week. We can meet at 6:30 with a 15 minute grace period and start moving at 6:45 sharp. At 8:00 we stop for a bite to eat at a restaurant or some kind of food to socialize.

A 10:30 gathering with a 10:45 sharp start time on Saturdays and/Or Sundays. We stop at about 12:15 to dine.

If you want to go on more strenuous hikes and adventures there are some great existing Meetup groups that I enjoy and recommend. The hikes in this group are designed for convenience and simplicity.

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Please Take Over This Group

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