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Business owners in the Howard County area who seek to give and get new referrals should join this group. This MeetUp group is ideal for small and medium size businesses who want more leads.

All leads should be "hot" leads. The individual giving the lead should contact the referral in advance to confirm that he/she has an interest in being contacted by that individual to whom the referral is being given.

While no promises can be made that a sale will occur, by confirming the POTENTIAL interest in a product or service BEFORE the referral is contacted by the business owner, the level of comfort of the business owner should be high and the likelihood that the referral will feel irritated by another sales call will be remote.

Note, most referral groups do not use this method and this method will require extra work on behalf of the person doing the referring, but the rewards of this extra work will be worthwhile. Likewise, the numbers in the group will take time to build as it is an uncommon, but noteworthy, concept, so be patient.

It is expected that those receiving referrals be willing to pay the referring party a fee ranging from 10% - 25% of the sale, or some other predetermined (and mutually agreed upon) compensation.

Meetings will usually be held during lunchtime, around 12-1. There will be 1-4 meetings per month, as well as the potential to interact with other group members by email or phone.

Please message the organizer with your email if you would like to receive regular e-newsletters on networking.

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