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Hi Ladies! Please note, We are full at 50 members so there may be a waiting list and may take 2 to 3 months for you to be accepted. The Columbia Area Ladies Bunco Group was created to bring us all together for a fun evening of playing dice, eating great food (potluck), and meeting new friends. So, if you are new in town, find it hard to find new friends or just want to get out of the house once a month, this would be a great group for you to join. And the best part is that it IS NOT a monthly commitment. Many Bunco groups require you to commit to coming monthly, but that's hard to do, so this group makes it easy for you to decide when you want to come. And trust me, you will want to come, this is such a super fun group of ladies!

The First Time:

I have to admit, I was pretty nervous the first time I played Bunco with a new group. I didn’t know how to play the game and I didn’t know anybody either. But I was pleasantly surprised at how welcoming the ladies were, and how easy the game was to pick up. I would like everyone to have that same experience.

The Game:

In a nutshell, when it’s your turn all you have to do is roll the 3 dice and if you roll the number for that round, you get points. Obviously, there is a little more to it, but you can learn as you go along. It’s so easy you can roll the dice and have a conversation at the same time. If you have played Bunco before, this group game might be a little different. I’ve taken portions of other Bunco groups I’ve played in to hopefully make this a more fun and easy game to play.

What to expect:

Though it is not mandatory to come every month, you are expected to come to one Meet up every 6 months to remain active. AND you are expected to log into this group once ever 3 months. If an admin sends you an email regarding compliance to this rule, a none response to messages will be an automatic kick.

1. Once a month someone (volunteer) will host Bunco at their home. They will be provided with all the supplies (game sheets, pens, dice etc.) to play the game, so the host is only responsible for the following:

1a. Provide games surfaces for rolling dice and seating for 4 at each surface. This can be card tables, dining tables or even a coffee table.

1b. Provide a cocktail (of hosts choosing) and water (for those who are not drinking) to share with the ladies. Anyone that prefers wine, beer or soda/tea should bring it with them.

2. Sometimes we will have theme (i.e. St. Patrick’s Day, Halloween, Ugly Christmas Sweater) parties. The host can choose to decorate and/or make a cocktail for the theme. And the ladies are encouraged to dress up for the theme but ARE NOT required to participate. If there is a theme, it will be mentioned in the description under the monthly meet up.

3. The buy-in each month is $11. $6 will go toward the winning pools and $4 will go to charity (decided by hostess). $1 will go to maintain the MeetUp website and provide supplies to play the game.

4. The group will typically meet on a Saturday and we will start around 6:30 pm. The first hour will be spent eating and socializing. And then the game usually takes about 1½ hours to complete with a short snack/drink refill/bathroom break halfway through. Plan on spending about 2½-3 hours with us.

5. Bring a friend with you! The more the merrier! Just make sure to include your guest(s) in your RSVP.

6. As we grow and get to know each other, we might add more games to the schedule, but we will always have Bunco once a month.


1. 3 strikes you're out. Emergencies happen and last minute things come up, but that should not be a CONSISTENT occurrence for one person, every month, on Bunco night. If you are a CONSISTENT “no show”, cancel at the last minute or sign up and cancel a couple of days before, you will be removed from the group. It's unfortunate, but this happens a lot and it’s not fair to those that want to attend. This puts them on a wait list and not able to plan ahead. It's also not polite to the host. They prepare for bunco like it's a party. Cleaning, moving furniture around to set-up tables and spending money on making a cocktail and food dish to share. DON'T be that person, be respectful and plan accordingly.

2. This is a time for all of us to come together and have a great time and enjoy each other’s company. We DO NOT need any drama! If you are not able to get along with others, you will be asked not to return and will be removed from the MeetUp group.

3. This is not a networking group. Although in conversation networking will happen, it's not a reason to join the group. If you show up just to network or market what you do or sell, you will be asked to leave the group. This is one night a month we should be relaxing and not thinking about work or other obligations.

4. No CLIQUES! By definition, a small group of people who spend time together and who are not friendly to other people. I think this says it all, we won't tolerate it and the guilty parties will be removed from the group.

5. Have FUN!!!

I hope to see you at the next meet up!

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