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This group meets monthly to discuss subjects of import to humanity and how it relates to Freemasonry. From philosophy and religion to science, history, and politics, this study center debates any subject under the sun in the hope to understand the world and one’s self in it.

Universal Freemasonry is a fraternity including men and women of every race, nationality, and religion. Wishing to do away with all cause for division and strife, it continually seeks the means which to help all human beings to unite and work together for the perfecting of Humanity.

Any person who is a freethinker, tolerant and open, and who seeks rational discourse is invited to attend and learn more about one’s self, the world, the universe, and Freemasonry.

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Can symbols charred with energy be used to change our reality?

August’s topic will be conducted by Bro. Aksel Suvari on a study of Freemasonry: Can symbols charred with energy be used to change our reality? After a short lecture, a discussion and debate by the group will follow. Synopsis: In the Western Magical Tradition "sigils" are symbols, signs, or emblems that a magical practitioner infuses with magical energy to create an effect in the physical world - whether it be the attraction of material resources, a change in consciousness, or a protective effect for themselves or others. Freemasonry being a study of symbols, we will examine the ancient practice of sigil-making and whether or not this esoteric technique can affect our daily lives. Mission Statement The Masonic Philosophical Society embraces the concept of learning, not for school, but for life, and believes that all men, who seek it, deserve access to continued education. We further embrace the concept of a community environment, where ideas can be shared and debated in an open forum. From the seven liberal arts to the arcane, we seek to gain and to share the knowledge that is the legacy of mankind. More Resources Website: http://www.philosophicalsociety.org Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/masonicphilosophicalsociety Learn more about Freemasonry: http://www.universalfreemasonry.org

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