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App Your Business in a Single Morning
Overview: This workshop is sponsored by Tech Treats, LLC, a business technology and marketing company in Clarksville, MD. During this 4-hour workshop, participants will literally build their own professional mobile app for their business on a globally renown, do-it-yourself mobile app platform used to create millions of mobile apps worldwide. At the completion of the workshop, participants, with the assistance of the instructor, will upload their app file to the platform of their choice, such as GooglePlay or the AppStore. The instructor will take a step by step approach to explain how to create a striking app, with no prior knowledge of coding, using this template-based app creation platform. The instruction will be at a high school level, while the finished product will be of corporate quality. After the workshop, participants can update their mobile app on any computer or smart phone as often as they like and will feel confident in their ability to do so. They will also have the instructor’s contact information should they have questions in the future. Skills needed: Basic keyboard skills. If you can type a Word document, you can successfully complete this workshop and leave after successfully uploading a mobile app to GooglePlay or the AppStore. Note, the AppStore has an approval process for all apps which may take 1-2 weeks . Also, prior to the meeting, it is recommended that you create your Apple Developer account to facilitate the uploading of your finished app and become familiar with Apple’s guidlelines. Likewise, you should do the same for GooglePlay. Potential apps include, but are not limited to, the following categories: • Business • Photography • Restaurant • Musicians • Online business • Health • Worship • Education • Charity • Construction • Finance • Real estate • Sports • Travel • Wedding • Entertainment • Sports • Catering • Law firm • Insurance • Information • Or start from scratch and create our own category! Create a simple or complex app utilizing one or many of the apps features included below (not a complete list): • Audio, Videos and Pictures • Store • Food court • Members card • Loyalty card • Directory • E-Commerce • Coupon • Hyperlocal • Form builder • Review • Testimonials • Map • Scheduling • Social networking • Donations • Polls • Dating • Website • Room reservations • Login • CRM • Social media pages, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google • Artificial Intelligence (AI) chatbots Cost: $399 which includes hands-on instruction on how to create an app for your business, as well as a 1 year subscription to the mobile app platform that hosts the app created during the workshop. Yearly app renewal pricing will be at or below the original cost, based on which app platform you choose. Should you choose to create an app for 2 platforms (i.e. GooglePlay and the AppStore), the 2nd app will be half price. Please note, seating is limited and confirmation of a training slot cannot be guaranteed until payment is made in full for this session; only those who have paid in full prior to the date of the conference will be admitted. Payment plans are available upon request. Simply message the organizer. Please bring your laptop, along with photos and text you wish to use in your app. Lunch will be provided. We look forward to seeing you there!

Maryland Center for Entrepreneurship

9250 Bendix Road North Columbia, MD 21045 · Baltimore, MD