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Columbia Camera Club - Monthly Club Meeting - July 10, 2018
Tuesday - July 10, 2018 Meeting begins at 7:00 pm NOTICE: Some members meet for a pre-meeting snack at Yesterday’s in Five Points at 5:00 p.m. THIS MONTH'S CLUB MEETING WILL FEATURE: Photos Edited by Club Members - For the July CCC meeting, members (you) are invited to download a selection of three images of their choosing from a total of 20 images (link below) and to utilize their creative editing skills to edit them. Instructions for selecting and downloading the images are below. Once the images have been downloaded, you are to utilize whatever editing techniques you choose on the images you’ve selected. Convert to B&W or leave them as color images... Crop them if you like, manipulate them, use subtle post processing or go wild... the choice is yours. Use whatever processing software and techniques you like. The sky’s the limit!!! You may choose up to three images for review during the meeting. The images may be submitted in a similar manner as we use for the show-n-tell images. Place your images into a folder on a flash drive with your name in the folder name, as well as “presentation”. As an example, the image folder on your flash drive should be named something like: John Smith - CCC July - Presentation Images Be sure not to downsize your images. It is recommended that you save them as full sized JPG or PNG files. Please note: The only thing we ask you not to do is to share the images outside of the club for copyright reasons, as these are images that have been supplied by one of the club members. To get to the images go to the following web address: Once the photos album is loaded in your browser you can scroll up and down to view the images in the album all on one page. When you select an image you want to edit, you can click on it and it will open as a single large image in your browser. Download - Option 1 - Once the photo you have chosen loads as a single image you should see the “Download” link in the upper/right corner above the image. Simply click on the link to download the image (typically to your “Downloads” folder). Download - Option 2 - Once the photo you have chosen loads as a single image you can right-click on the image and then select “Save Image As” and tell it where to save the image on your hard drive. Edit the Images: After you’ve downloaded your images you may edit them however you like in whatever photo editing software application you choose. TAKE NOTES — While you are editing the images be sure to take notes on the various steps you make while editing the images. This way you will be able to tell the other members what your process was and what you did along the way. You may also submit copies of the images in various stages of editing (up to 5 per image) by exporting the images several times along the way as you edit them. Be sure to name the images in sequence staring with a number (like “01 - FileName”) so that they will be presented in the correct order. Once you are done editing them you should save a copy of each image to a flash drive as indicated on the first page of this document. ______________________________ NEW SHOW'N'TELL INSTRUCTIONS 2018: Submit three images on a flash drive (IN A SUBDIRECTORY FOLDER NAMED WITH THE MEMBER'S NAME) with files resized to 2500 pixels on longest side. A member may share up to THREE IMAGES on any subject of his choice without regard for a particular theme as dictated by the CCC. The member may then discourse on each image and how it was exposed and enhanced and met expectations and artistic philosophy. Fewer images, more discussing. Limiting your images to three gives time for more participation. Fewer images, more discussing. Sugested Folder Naming Style: John Smith - CCC July - Show-n-Tell ______________________________ Be reminded also that our annual family membership dues of $35 are due.

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