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We use Hemi-Sync a scientifically based and clinically proven "audio-guidance" technology that uses sound to influence brain-wave activity. Supported by over 50 years of research, Hemi-Sync® is an integral feature of The Monroe Institute's international success as a leader in consciousness exploration, self-discovery and transformation. This includes Meditation • Hemispheric Syncronization • Out of Body Experience •Biofeedback • Spirituality• Astral Projection •Binaural Beats •Consciousness • Life Transformation • Dreams• Lucid Dreaming • Past Life Regression • Remote Viewing • Quantum Energy

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The September 18th Columbus Monroe Institute meeting is cancelled this month

September is a busy month and the and the Universal Light Expo is occurring on the same weekend as our meeting so we will begin again in October. See you all then.

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TMI Columbus local chapter meeting

Needs a location


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