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Introduction to the Gurdjieff Teaching: The Witness Within
Who isn't familiar with times of adversity and doubt, or a lingering sense that life isn't adding up very well? At those times, we may long for something more -- for some life-changing, firm creativity one can hardly describe. Uncertainty is the human condition, but we all have the potential to live the human condition with clarity, positive energy, sustained inquiry. All of these good things -- elements of a new awakening -- are linked to the gradual appearance in us, out of the fog and imprecision of our lives, of a witnessing presence: my friend, my impartial and respected judge, an increasingly dependable guide, a transformer. For most people, this witnessing presence needs to be earned. It calls for persevering work in the circle of an authentic teaching. Gurdjieff once spoke of the need for "a club in every city" -- a community of fellow seekers willing to undertake this work while continuing to live just where they are, with just who is there -- family, friends, neighbors, colleagues, and co-workers. This work is in life. By what method might we begin to discover this inner witness? By what practice can we struggle to create this more stable presence? In the Gurdjieff teaching, this work begins with efforts to know oneself. Through intentional effort and opening to a new attention and new relaxation, we begin to find a balance between our higher and lower selves and a deepening awareness of who I am. The aim is a quality of conscious thinking, feeling, and movement that enriches us as individuals and as contributing members of the commonwealth.

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At this time - as it has been at other times of tension in the outer world - we may find ourselves drawn to desire a greater understanding of our purpose and significance. It has been said "if there were 200 conscious people, they could change life on Earth."

This desire - an inner call - is unmistakable even if we are not able to accurately place what we sense and feel into the proper words.

The outer world of events is a reflection of the inner life and values of mankind. If this premise is true, how can the conscious actions of a few have impact.

Change starts in small ways - working and discovering one's own limited beliefs and misconceptions.

"By observing himself he throws, as it were, a ray of light onto his inner processes which have hitherto worked in complete darkness. And under the influence of this light the processes themselves begin to change. ...Even a feeble light of consciousness is enough to change completely the character of a process, while it makes many of them altogether impossible." - G.I. Gurdjieff

All who are sincere in their interest are welcome.

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