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Let's link our nodes together to talk and learn about Graph Data Models, Uses, Implementations, Visualizations, and Algorithms. We will explore various Graph tools such as: Neo4j, OrientDB, TitanDB, Giraph, Gremlin, Dex, VelocityGraph, Steffi, GraphLab, GraphBase, InfoGrid, YarcData, NodeXL, FlockDB, Bio4j, Reco4j, GrapheneDB, NetworkX, iGraph, imGraph, Gephi, Sigma.js, D3, VivaGraphJS, helios.js, KeyLines, Linkurious, and more! We'll talk about cool algorithms, tricks, and techniques. Recommendation Engines, Shortest Paths, Finding Friends of Friends. We'll get a little technical, make some pretty pictures, untangle some messy knots, and maybe even do a little math. Most of all, we'll have fun learning and sharing how to exploit hyper-relational data for all it is worth!

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