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Game Night - Online - Discord
Join us online to play games together online and discuss your favorite games. This will be a recurring event for meeting local gamers and networking. This event will last all night. Discord Invite Link:

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Hey! Do you like MOBAs like DOTA, LoL, or Smite? Do you enjoy pwning noobs in CS:GO, CoD, or even Team Fortress? How about escaping from reality in (MMO)RPGs like WoW, FFXIV, or Runescape? How about a rousing game of....Solitaire? Do you prefer doing all of those with the crushing might of your gaming rig, the comfort of your console, or on the go on your Nintendevice? Do you feel like a NEET and wanna break out of your shell? Then welcome!

Our goal is to connect video gamers in Central Ohio (or further!) who--although we love living in our comfy caves--wish to make some new friends, find local squaddies, and get out and do things IRL once in a while. Food runs, Pokémon Go walks, LAN parties, and "virtual meetups" centered around specific games or genres are what we do here. Maybe even an odd movie, convention, or whatever else you like thrown in.

Members are welcome--and encouraged--to suggest activities and outings. I (Michael K) am not the greatest of an idea person, although I have a few. We want to have a little something for everyone!

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