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The Columbus Web Group is an organization committed to sharing web development and design best practices in a relaxed atmosphere with web professionals and students of any skill level.

We hold monthly gatherings to share our knowledge on best practices and emerging technologies.

And we are raising the quality of web development and design in the Columbus area through short talks by professionals in the industry.

Meetings take place on a monthly basis and cover topics such as best practices, methodologies, and approaches for the modern web.

We also offer Weekend Workshops, which are designed to help educate the community of Columbus on specific topics lead by experts. They are free of charge and are targeted to the audience.

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Make Times New Roman Great Again

Rev1 Ventures

We're excited (SUPER EXCITED!) to have Kyle Asperger present at this month's Columbus Web Group. Kyle has been hustling hard all across Columbus, you most likely have seen him at an event in town. He's been a great supporter of CWG and it's an honor to have him present! Who this presentation is for: • Typophiles • Design nerds • Anyone that works in a small company and somehow ended up having to do all of the design work because you have a degree in Marketing • Anyone who's ever typed anything, ever • Don't fancy yourself a designer? No problem! This talk is geared to a wider audience. Plus there's food if you get bored. If you can relate...read on my friend: The time is now. Time to resurrect Times New Roman from its grave. When creating brands, designers stereotypically throw shade at Comic Sans (but like all stereotypes, it's based on reality). Lumped in with Comic Sans, you often hear about Papyrus and Times New Roman (TNR for short) as being trite and just terrible all around. That may be true regarding the former two, that said, TNR, as overused as it may be, needs someone in its corner, fighting along side it. Too long has TNR been misunderstood. Times New Roman was originally designed by Stanley Morrison for a British newspaper, The Times, in 1929. Back in the day, the font elegantly served its purpose. What many fail to see is the reasoning behind a font's existence, trivializing typography. Most often, there's a rigid goal that the designer had to achieve. If fonts are handled with the tender love and care that only a designer can give, we could save the world from its impending doom. Typographically speaking, that is. Let's nerd out. Kyle's Goals: • Spark some designerly interest in the no-designer crowd • Show how consistency equates to an overall more professional brand • Bridge the gap between disciplines, designers and developers and project managers...yes they can all play together • Better understanding of design standards • A greater appreciation for Times New Roman • Reaffirmation that Comic Sans still sucks • Typography and how it plays a role in a brand • Kyle's reading list for the discerning typophile About Kyle Asperger Kyle is just the right type of person to be speaking about Times New Roman. He's always appreciated the nuances in life and ligatures alike. As founder of 301 Original, Kyle has been geeking out over fonts since 2010. Because of his extensive knowledge of the creative process, his network, and the simple fact that he gives a damn, he's on a mission build everyone up around him as he continues growing 301 Original. If he's not making brands, hosting Meetups and critiques, out on a photoshoot, building a stronger network, working out, or hosting people at his home office, Kyle can otherwise be seen sleeping. Because that's most of what he does. He's been a user since 1999. Of Times New Roman, that is. SCHEDULE 6:00pm — Socialize 💃 - FOOD WILL BE PROVIDED! 6:30pm — Presentation 🎁 7:00pm — Q&A 💬 7:30pm — Socialize 🕺 8:00pm — After Party 🐦 Twitter https://twitter.com/CBusWebGroup 👥 Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Columbus-Web-Group-753472671474796/ 📺 YouTube http://youtube.columbuswebgroup.com 📸 Photo Credit Blake Needleman • http://instagram.com/bleedles

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