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The Columbus Web Group is an organization committed to sharing web development and design best practices in a relaxed atmosphere with web professionals and students of any skill level.

We hold monthly gatherings to share our knowledge on best practices and emerging technologies.

And we are raising the quality of web development and design in the Columbus area through short talks by professionals in the industry.

Meetings take place on a monthly basis and cover topics such as best practices, methodologies, and approaches for the modern web.

We also offer Weekend Workshops, which are designed to help educate the community of Columbus on specific topics lead by experts. They are free of charge and are targeted to the audience.

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"Don’t Break Boundaries, Eliminate Them" Presented by Tom Burden

In 2018, we took a bit of a break... but, we're back and we have many great events planned for 2019! We very excited to have Tom Burden present. Tom Burden has spent the past 5 years building his dream. Today, he runs Grypmat, a Columbus-based startup that creates flexible tool mats to solve the problem of inefficient tool accessibility for mechanics. Grypmat started as an idea to a problem Burden had working as an F-16 Mechanic in the US Air Force, it then developed into a solution Tom spent 3 years prototyping in his basement. One year ago, Tom stood in front of 4 Sharks on ABC’s Shark Tank and walked away with investment from Mark Cuban, Lori Greiner, and Richard Branson. Today, Grypmat has taken over the industries of automotive, aviation, medical, space, and even education--sold to companies such as NASA, Nascar, Virgin Orbit, and Google.The Grypmat was recently named a TIME 50 Best Inventions of 2018. It has also won awards such as the Edison Award. Likewise, Tom himself has received awards including a recent nomination to Forbes 30 Under 30. Tom is often asked questions such as “How did you know it was the right idea?” “How did you get so lucky?,” or Don’t you get burnt out?” These questions hint at common misconceptions about success. Such as the idea that you have to be in the right place at the right time and the notion that success is only available to those who are lucky. Another common misconception about success is that it can only come when you have the RIGHT idea. Thus, many people will explore hundreds of ideas rather than committing to one. Tom is here today to share his experience with success, and the hidden unconventional approaches behind it. In a recent interview with TIME magazine, Tom noted that his idea for the Grypmat is “not a brilliant one, it is a clever one.” But beyond clever, the factors in Tom’s success evolve around his belief that the most obvious route is not always the best one and that innovation involves seeing and doing what others decide against. In order to rise above, you must be willing to stick out from the norm. Today Tom will offer both tangible and practical advice on what it takes to commit to an idea, how to find work-arounds to seemingly unreachable results, and what it looks like to create a life approach that merges both personal and business etiquette and relations. The event will start with networking, continue with a presentation, and wrap up with questions & answers. More details to come! SCHEDULE 6:00pm — Socialize 💃 - FOOD WILL BE PROVIDED! 6:30pm — Presentation 🎁 7:00pm — Q&A 💬 7:30pm — Socialize 🕺 8:00pm — After Party 🎉 Thank you #CbusTech, The Columbus Web Group Team P.S. We'd love to connect with you outside of Meetup, so join us on: 🐦 Twitter https://twitter.com/CBusWebGroup 👥 Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Columbus-Web-Group-753472671474796/ Also, did you know you can watch and learn from all of our past Monthly Meetups and Weekend Workshops? 📺 YouTube http://youtube.columbuswebgroup.com 📸 Photo Credit Blake Needleman • http://instagram.com/bleedles ================= EVENT SPONSORS Gravity - Space/Location • https://gravityproject.com/ Root Insurance - Food & Drinks • https://www.joinroot.com 301 Original - Event Photography • https://www.301original.com

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