• "404 Not Found: How the internet works (or doesn't)" Presented by Patrick Shuff

    We all use the internet every day – we send emails, binge watch our favorite shows, “Like” cat videos, and browse content from all over the world from our living rooms. But have you ever wondered how we got to this point? How did the internet begin? And what happens behind the scenes to make that movie magically show up on your screen when you press play? In this talk, we’ll discover the origins of the internet, explore how it evolved over time, and learn how digital “goods” like our videos and emails are delivered directly to us in an instant. You will come away from this talk with some high-level knowledge of how the internet is built, why it sometimes breaks, and a better understanding (and hopefully appreciation!) of the world wide web that you interact with every day. ABOUT THE PRESENTER Patrick Shuff is the Chief Technology Officer at eFuse.gg, a Columbus-based startup dedicated to building a professional hub for esports and video games by helping gamers establish their digital gaming identity and connecting them with opportunities in the gaming industry. Prior to that, Patrick spent 6+ years in California working at Facebook as a Site Reliability Engineer across several infrastructure teams primarily focused on global content delivery systems. He then worked as a Senior Engineer at Netflix, helping deliver movies and TV shows to your screens. Patrick has been fortunate enough to work for two of the biggest websites in the world and is excited to share how it all works at the next Columbus Web Group meetup. SCHEDULE 6:00pm — Socialize - FOOD/DRINKS WILL BE PROVIDED 💃 6:30pm — Presentation 🎁 7:00pm — Q&A 💬 7:30pm — Socialize 🕺 8:00pm — After Party AMAZING SPONSORS WeWork - Space (800 N. High St) ➡️ https://wework.com/l/columbus Improving - Providing Food + Drinks! ➡️ https://improving.com Studio 301 - Photography ➡️ https://301original.net 🐦 Twitter https://twitter.com/CBusWebGroup 👥 Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Columbus-Web-Group-753472671474796/ 📺 YouTube http://youtube.columbuswebgroup.com

  • "What's your North Star? Strategy for the new decade" by Brett Buchanan

    Our first event of 2020 will get you jazzed and set you up for a successful year 🥳 ABOUT THE PRESENTATION There is no silver bullet strategic framework but there are some things you can do to greatly increase your company or product’s chance of success and sustainable growth! We will dive into some steps you should take to make sure your company or product ready for 2020. We will introduce a more focused, less reactive way to work. A way that delivers more autonomy, with more flexibility to solve problems, while ensuring your work aligns with the bigger picture. By the end of the meetup, you will have a better understanding about vision, strategy, and value. What have companies like FaceBook, AirBnb and Spotify started to use North Star Metrics? Because driving growth is hard and takes a lot of work. It’s easy to lose focus and distract your team on things that don’t move the needle. ABOUT THE PRESENTER Brett Buchanan has been a Product Manager for over 10 years. For the past 8 years, he has been helping companies grow and improve their Product discipline. He is the currently CEO of Pathfinder Product Labs, a Product Management consulting and coaching company. He and his wife, Laura live in Columbus, OH and have four young children! SCHEDULE 6:00pm — Socialize 💃 - FOOD & DRINKS WILL BE PROVIDED! 6:30pm — Presentation 🎁 7:00pm — Q&A 💬 7:30pm — Socialize 🕺 8:00pm — After Party SPONSORS: • WeWork - Space (800 N. High St) ➡️ https://wework.com/l/columbus • Loop Returns - Providing Food! ➡️ https://loopreturns.com • Endeavor Brewing and Spirits - Providing beer ➡️ https://endeavorbrewing.com • Studio 301 - Photography ➡️ https://301original.net PARKING: There is a public garage RIGHT AROUND the corner of WeWork. If you are driving, we recommend the Hubbard Parking Garage (20 E. Hubbard Avenue, Columbus, OH 43215). 🐦 Twitter https://twitter.com/CBusWebGroup 👥 Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Columbus-Web-Group-753472671474796/ 📺 YouTube http://youtube.columbuswebgroup.com

  • "19 to 20: From attending events to organizing them" presented by Andy Schofield

    LAST EVENT OF 2019 FOR CWG! We hope to see you there!!! ABOUT THE PRESENTATION Join Andy as he shares his journey to becoming a community leader. You may not know this but in addition to Columbus Web Group Andy is an organizer of Columbus Locksport and Hackers Teaching Hackers. He will share the steps, approach, and the path he followed on how he went from attending events to organizing them. He will also discuss what happens when organizers burn out and what he does to avoid that. Finally, Andy will give you advice on how you can get involved and start your own journey to becoming a leader in the community. ABOUT THE PRESENTER Andy is a senior consultant with Improving in Columbus, OH where he's focused on web technologies; most recently working with ReactJS. He is passionate about several topics including JavaScript, design, and digital/physical security. He is an organizer of Columbus Web Group, he runs the Columbus Locksport meetup which teaches about lockpicking and physical security, and he organizes the physical security village at Hackers Teaching Hackers (formerly 614Con) where he educates on physical security. When not working Andy is passionate about photography, 3D printing, and being involved in the local tech community. SCHEDULE 6:00pm — Socialize 💃 - FOOD WILL BE PROVIDED! 6:30pm — Presentation 🎁 7:00pm — Q&A 💬 7:30pm — Socialize 🕺 8:00pm — After Party (Brazenhead • 1027 W 5th Ave) 🐦 Twitter https://twitter.com/CBusWebGroup 👥 Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Columbus-Web-Group-753472671474796/ 📺 YouTube http://youtube.columbuswebgroup.com

  • "If you’re doing your job, you’re doing it wrong." presented by Tessa Young

    Whoa-wee! We say this A LOT, but we are once again EXCITED! October's event will bring in the brilliant mind of Tessa Young sharing her insights in a talk called "If you’re doing your job, you’re doing it wrong". We can't wait to share this presentation with you all. ABOUT THE PRESENTATION You get all your tasks done, meet requirements, and accomplish project goals, so that’s enough to get that promotion… right? Wrong. Unfortunately, being good at your job isn’t everything. Checking boxes won’t get you noticed or advance your career. People need to go above and beyond expectations to stand out. But how do you make sure you’re focusing on the right activities – the things that management will notice? If you don’t know where to start, you’re not alone. Many of us can relate to feeling “stuck” and unsure about how to move beyond our current situation. Join Tessa as she shares the lessons she learned when she created a completely new career path for herself and transformed her life through relationships, resiliency, and ranking priorities. We’ll explore what you can do to ensure job security, advancement, and growth, while balancing your priorities and goals. ABOUT THE PRESENTER Tessa Young is an Associate Advocate at g2o (formerly ICC). As an Associate Advocate, Tessa blends management and advocacy, partnering with employees to help them grow their skills and advance their careers. She is passionate about helping others build technology and business acumen, leadership skills, and personal skills. Tessa started her career as a physics and biology teacher, but she quickly realized she was unhappy and needed to make a change. She jumped into the IT industry as a technical recruiter and became heavily involved in the Columbus IT community. Tessa is the COO of DogFoodCon, a conference that offers attendees the unique ability to connect with various facets of technology. SCHEDULE 6:00pm — Socialize 💃 - FOOD WILL BE PROVIDED! 6:30pm — Presentation 🎁 7:00pm — Q&A 💬 7:30pm — Socialize 🕺 8:00pm — After Party 🐦 Twitter https://twitter.com/CBusWebGroup 👥 Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Columbus-Web-Group-753472671474796/ 📺 YouTube http://youtube.columbuswebgroup.com 📸 Photo Credit Blake Needleman • http://instagram.com/bleedles

  • How I Got Here (A Panel Discussion)

    Root Insurance

    This month we want to focus on networking and career options. We will have a great panel with folks from the Columbus community talking about their career and how they got into their current positions. THE PANEL: • BEN CALLAHAN: President of Sparkbox and founder of the Build Right workshop series, Ben shares his ideas about the web on the Sparkbox Foundry and other leading industry blogs. He regularly works with large brand e-commerce to reconsider their web experiences while consulting to helping them shift their design and development workflows. He’s also incredibly grateful for the team at Sparkbox as they pioneer new responsive web design techniques and continue to push for great user experiences outside the context of specific devices. • TIMOTHY WOLF STARR: After years of pursuing a diverse set of entrepreneurial ventures, Wolf is now focused on connecting resources to meet needs within the entrepreneurial community. Wolf's goal is to create opportunities and relationships for organizations our community feel passionate about. Wolf's immediate areas of concentration are small business development, fostering strategic non-profit partnerships, and generating cultural impact through the arts. • YI-RUEI CHEN: Ruei is passionate at Startup Scene with a focus on social enterprises, tech startups and giving back to the communities. Through a zig-zagging career path, she arrives at Grange Insurance as an Emerging Technology Lead + a founding member for Develop Appalachia. Prior to Grange Insurance, Ruei served as a Portfolio Manager focusing on product adoption, roadmap definition and strategic alignment at Navigator Management Partners. Ruei also worked at Nationwide Insurance and Financial Services where she cultivated a wide array of experiences including emerging tech, innovation, design thinking and go-to market strategy. When she isn’t working at her full time job, she fulfills her passion for Emerging Technology and Innovation by organizing Hackpalachia, Startup Weekend and GiveBackHack. In this capacity, she engages with startup communities and external thought leaders, organizes events and coaches event participants on R&D, rapid prototyping, developing MVP’s, design thinking and other techniques. • LAURA JACKSON: Laura Jackson leads the Product Management domain for an early-age startup called ScriptDrop in Columbus, Ohio. Leading her 15th engineering team in less than a decade, she is passionate about building high performing teams, scaling with integrity, and mentoring future leaders. She also serves on the board for the Create Columbus Commission where she focuses on community engagement in affordable housing and public art. Stay tuned for a new nonprofit she is launching in the winter as well, columbussafespace.com. • SEAN DORAN: Designer turned developer, Sean has been around both the marketing and product blocks. At Aware, Sean designs and develops high-quality digital consumer experiences in the enterprise space as a UX Product Engineer. Book a slot with Sean if you're interested in UX, product design, or product development. • ADAM ALBRECHT: Adam is a software engineer who, after working for a big consulting firm for a few years, struck out on his own to do independent consulting and dip his toe into the startup world. He helped start 2 small software companies in the process, CompliancePro and NextChapter. Adam enjoys traveling with his wife, Molly, hiking with his dog, Toby, and you can usually find him hanging out at coffee shops in German Village. • LINDSAY GAST: Lindsay Gast is a Senior Recruiter with TEKsystems helping talented digital and creative professionals achieve their career goals. Lindsay has 8 years experience between HR, Management, and Recruiting and is passionate about building relationships with the people she works with and helping them find their dream jobs! SCHEDULE 6:00pm — Socialize 💃 - FOOD+DRINKS WILL BE PROVIDED! 6:30pm — Panel 💬 7:30pm — Socialize 🕺 8:00pm+ — After Party

  • "Confession of an Appaholic" with Jacqueline Rinehardt

    We're back for August and having the super talented Jacqueline Rinehardt of Shuffle (shuffleapp.io) to share stories about taking a concept to product and growing it into a business. ABOUT THE PRESENTATION The realities of taking an idea to MVP, to entering the market, and everything in between. Jacqueline Rinehardt had a different notion of what it meant to “build an app” but quickly learned the realities and challenges of creating not just a technology product but a scalable business. In this presentation, she will share her personal experiences of how she got involved in mobile apps and built a tech company with a non-technical background. Jacqueline will also describe her experiences validating an idea, determining what should be included in a minimum viable product, finding early partners, and learning from all of the challenges and pivots along her journey. If you are an entrepreneur, intrapreneur, or "someone that may just have an idea", this presentation will leave you with knowing how to define the value of an idea, the definition of success in multiple stages of product development, and how to anticipate challenges before they occur. Above all, Jacqueline is hoping to inspire you with a realistic view of the challenges ahead. ABOUT THE PRESENTER Jacqueline Rinehardt has been exploring the world of entrepreneurship for over 5 years now with a focus on consumer facing products. She has worked on various projects spanning from the floral industry, to loyalty, to travel. Currently she is the founder of the Shuffle App, which is a mobile platform to discover and share Playlists of Places, she is the Director of Taivara Labs, where she invests indirect development resources into products that need to get to an MVP for equity, and she runs a new quarterly event in Columbus called Drunk Pitch where people present silly ideas. You can find her on Instagram - @jacq_p0t. Jacqueline loves to explore new places, take pictures, and try new food and drinks. SCHEDULE 6:00pm — Socialize 💃 - FOOD WILL BE PROVIDED! 6:30pm — Presentation 🎁 7:00pm — Q&A 💬 7:30pm — Socialize 🕺 8:00pm — After Party 🐦 Twitter https://twitter.com/CBusWebGroup 👥 Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Columbus-Web-Group-753472671474796/ 📺 YouTube http://youtube.columbuswebgroup.com 📸 Photo Credit Blake Needleman • http://instagram.com/bleedles

  • Make Times New Roman Great Again

    Rev1 Ventures

    We're excited (SUPER EXCITED!) to have Kyle Asperger present at this month's Columbus Web Group. Kyle has been hustling hard all across Columbus, you most likely have seen him at an event in town. He's been a great supporter of CWG and it's an honor to have him present! Who this presentation is for: • Typophiles • Design nerds • Anyone that works in a small company and somehow ended up having to do all of the design work because you have a degree in Marketing • Anyone who's ever typed anything, ever • Don't fancy yourself a designer? No problem! This talk is geared to a wider audience. Plus there's food if you get bored. If you can relate...read on my friend: The time is now. Time to resurrect Times New Roman from its grave. When creating brands, designers stereotypically throw shade at Comic Sans (but like all stereotypes, it's based on reality). Lumped in with Comic Sans, you often hear about Papyrus and Times New Roman (TNR for short) as being trite and just terrible all around. That may be true regarding the former two, that said, TNR, as overused as it may be, needs someone in its corner, fighting along side it. Too long has TNR been misunderstood. Times New Roman was originally designed by Stanley Morrison for a British newspaper, The Times, in 1929. Back in the day, the font elegantly served its purpose. What many fail to see is the reasoning behind a font's existence, trivializing typography. Most often, there's a rigid goal that the designer had to achieve. If fonts are handled with the tender love and care that only a designer can give, we could save the world from its impending doom. Typographically speaking, that is. Let's nerd out. Kyle's Goals: • Spark some designerly interest in the no-designer crowd • Show how consistency equates to an overall more professional brand • Bridge the gap between disciplines, designers and developers and project managers...yes they can all play together • Better understanding of design standards • A greater appreciation for Times New Roman • Reaffirmation that Comic Sans still sucks • Typography and how it plays a role in a brand • Kyle's reading list for the discerning typophile About Kyle Asperger Kyle is just the right type of person to be speaking about Times New Roman. He's always appreciated the nuances in life and ligatures alike. As founder of 301 Original, Kyle has been geeking out over fonts since 2010. Because of his extensive knowledge of the creative process, his network, and the simple fact that he gives a damn, he's on a mission build everyone up around him as he continues growing 301 Original. If he's not making brands, hosting Meetups and critiques, out on a photoshoot, building a stronger network, working out, or hosting people at his home office, Kyle can otherwise be seen sleeping. Because that's most of what he does. He's been a user since 1999. Of Times New Roman, that is. SCHEDULE 6:00pm — Socialize 💃 - FOOD WILL BE PROVIDED! 6:30pm — Presentation 🎁 7:00pm — Q&A 💬 7:30pm — Socialize 🕺 8:00pm — After Party 🐦 Twitter https://twitter.com/CBusWebGroup 👥 Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Columbus-Web-Group-753472671474796/ 📺 YouTube http://youtube.columbuswebgroup.com 📸 Photo Credit Blake Needleman • http://instagram.com/bleedles

  • Building Relationships ...an introvert’s guide to going beyond “networking”

    Communities are made of people, culture is created by these individuals. We're excited to have such a great community with Columbus Web Group, and honored to have Jay Clouse who has been a catalyst for cultural shifts in the community. PRESENTATION DETAILS We've all been there. Going to a networking event with the idea of building new relationships, dreading it, and ultimately leaving without really feeling more connected to anyone. As an introvert, nothing sounds more daunting than a large group of strangers. In this talk, Jay will talk about the strategies he has used as an introvert to go being "networking" and build meaningful, genuine relationships in the community. ABOUT THE PRESENTER Jay Clouse is a writer and entrepreneur from Columbus, Ohio. He is currently the founder of Unreal Collective, co-host of the upside podcast, and author for Linkedin Learning / Lynda.com. Jay fell in love with building products through his first software startup, Tixers, which was acquired in 2015. After a stint in product management at a venture-backed healthcare startup, Jay founded Unreal Collective in 2017 to combine his interests in product and community building. Unreal Collective is a 12-week, online accelerator for founders and freelancers. You can connect with Jay or receive his daily email at jayclouse.com. SCHEDULE 6:00pm — Socialize 💃 - FOOD WILL BE PROVIDED! 6:30pm — Presentation 🎁 7:00pm — Q&A 💬 7:30pm — Socialize 🕺 8:00pm — After Party / Kevin Mack's Birthday Party 🎉 🐦 Twitter https://twitter.com/CBusWebGroup 👥 Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Columbus-Web-Group-753472671474796/ 📺 YouTube http://youtube.columbuswebgroup.com 📸 Photo Credit Blake Needleman • http://instagram.com/bleedles

  • "Reinventing a Culture of Innovation" with Matt Usher & Tony Gerstenberger

    This month, we're excited to have Matt Usher and Tony Gerstenberger from AEP discuss innovation and how their company has continued to innovate over 100+ years. PRESENTATION DETAILS Matt and Tony will share their backgrounds and discuss how AEP is transforming the way they do business. Coupling the rapid pace of technology change with increasing customer expectations to offer reliable, cost effective, and diverse products and services, AEP looks to adopt new and innovative business models to sustain their position as a leader in the electric utility industry. Recognizing the case for change, revolutionizing a culture of innovation and establishing organizational alignment to efficiently and effectively develop, test, scale and deploy technology is the new AEP journey - a journey that may be similar to yours as the accelerating pace of technology is impacting many businesses and industries. Join The Columbus Web Group to hear how AEP is transforming, confronting these challenges, and accelerating innovation to disrupt and grow the business. ABOUT THE PRESENTERS Matt Usher has more than 20 years of experience at AEP in power plant equipment engineering and design. Specific areas of focus have included environmental controls systems engineering, carbon capture & storage (CCS), strategic business planning and new power generation technology development. In his current role as Charge Portfolio Lead for AEP’s Generation business unit, Matt is responsible for interfacing directly with Generation employees, bringing their innovative ideas to the forefront to develop user-centered digital products and solutions in AEP’s new Charge digital innovation hub. Matt received his Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Kentucky in 1998, and holds a Masters in Business Administration from Otterbein University. Matt is a registered Professional Engineer in the state of Ohio, and lives in Clintonville with his wife Marisa, and two daughters Ellee and Natalie. In his spare time, Matt is an avid music lover with an extensive analog and digital collection. He also enjoys brewing and drinking craft beer, and having grown up in KY, he knows a thing or two about bourbon. Tony Gerstenberger is Director – IT Demand Management for American Electric Power (AEP). In this position, he is responsible for providing direction to a team of Business System Analysts working with AEP’s integrated businesses to build and implement business enabling technology roadmaps. Specifically, he encourages partnership with a broad team to identify business technology need, build business case justification, estimate solution requirements, and transition approved project work to AEP’s delivery team for implementation. Tony has over 17 years of wide ranging experience at AEP. Specific experience includes on-site power plant engineer, major environmental equipment retrofit engineer and strategic planning & operational performance manager. Tony earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from Ohio University and a Masters of Business Administration from Capital University. He is also a registered Professional Engineer in the state of Ohio. In his spare time Tony enjoys visiting with friends and family, hiking, mountain biking, skiing, vacationing and coaching middle school robotics. He and his wife, Kari, have two children and reside in Plain City, Ohio. SCHEDULE 6:00pm — Socialize 💃 - FOOD WILL BE PROVIDED! 6:30pm — Presentation 🎁 7:00pm — Q&A 💬 7:30pm — Socialize 🕺 8:00pm — After Party 🎉 EVENT SPONSORS: • Food & Location by American Electric Power • Drinks provided by ComResource • Photography by 301 Original 🐦 Twitter https://twitter.com/CBusWebGroup 👥 Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Columbus-Web-Group-753472671474796/ 📺 YouTube http://youtube.columbuswebgroup.com 📸 Photo Credit Blake Needleman • http://instagram.com/bleedles