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There are plenty of groups designed just to have fun. This group combines fun and purpose. If you'd like to meet thinking people, spiritually attuned folks who believe that humanity is one, that, in essense, the religions agree, if words like the following excite you--"Unite all. Let the religions agree and make the nations one, so that they may see each other as one family and the whole earth as one home," then we have a group for you! CommUNITY is intended to help us bring out those "gems of inestimable value" that are hidden within each of us so that we may become the "noble souls" God intends us to be and to build bonds of unity. CommUNITY is sponsored by the Baha'is of DeLand and welcomes kindred spirits from Volusia County and beyond--no limits! P.S. The quoted passages above are from the Baha'i Writings. Anyone interested in more information is invited to visit the national website @ http://www.bahai.us/ and the international site @ http://www.bahai.org/

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Women's Spiritual Journey: Discernment

Gail's house

We're discussing discernment: Discernment Discernment is accessing the wisdom of our intuition to discover what is essential and true. Detaching from our desire to rush decisions, we seek to distinguish the true from the false, the facts from our assumptions, and then choose the best path. Reflecting in silence creates space for our deepest perceptions. With contemplative vigilance, we open ourselves to clarity. We listen deeply for the true questions, trusting that the answer will unfold and reveal itself when the time is right. We become alert to the messages that come in subtle and surprising ways. We hold decisions lightly until the truth emerges. Discernment empowers us to be guided by grace. "Reflection and action must never be undertaken independently." Paulo Friere The Practice of Discernment * I trust my inner vision. * I seek full information. * I release the pressure to decide by determination alone. * I take time for reflection and prayer. * I hone my intuition. * I am alert to the signs placed in my path. * I am open to revelation. I am thankful for the gift of Discernment. It leads me to the truth. Things to think about: 1)When has your intuition helped you? 2) Can you recall when you rushed a decision and what were the results? 3) How would you have done things differently had you had more facts? 4)How do you figure out if things are true? 5)Can you remember a time that the facts were different from your assumptions? How did you deal with that? 6)How do you allow yourself to be open and trusting?

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