Guided Directed Meditation Renewal Circle

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Every 3rd Friday of the month until November 15, 2019


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The First Friday of each month, we hold a "The Circle" using Guided Directed Meditation.

Do you have any ailment or emotional blockage that you want to have changed, remove or improved? Come, join us the first Friday of each month, and have others help you help yourself. Also if you want to learn a meditation technique that will assist you in decision making, self-healing or visualizing what you desire to manifest in your life, this is the place to come.

Truly, over time, you will see miracles are occurring in your life all the time. Wouldn't that be nice?

Clients have stated that chronic illnesses have been removed, wounds healed, recovery from various surgeries and illnesses were shorter.

The Guided Directed Meditation Circle of Healing and Renewal is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or mental condition. The Guided Directed Meditation Circle of Healing and Renewal is not intended to be taken as a replacement for medical advice. Any person with a condition requiring medical attention should consult a qualified medical practitioner or the appropriate therapist.

When two or more people come together to command for themselves and others, Source power grows. I can only explain the feeling to be like static electricity sparking around the circle, one-to-another while encouraging the process of creating the life you want.

When the dominant brainwave is theta and The Directive is issued, the patterns of negativity are neutralized, and the natural born blueprint of the body, that holds its highest frequency for fantastic health, replaces your other states of being.

As we release and change negative beliefs about ourselves we also release the body to its best and strongest mode of living. When people come together with a similar purpose, the synergy that happens between them creates a unified vibration, which amplifies these requests, because everyone has a vibration. It can be slow or fast, low or high. When you are reintroduced to the higher functioning vibration you will begin living in the present where abundance and good health belong to you.

The greatest benefit of The Circle is that it allows you to recharge and increase your ability to go into the mental state of theta more easily. This practice helps you to clear emotional challenges, change your mindset and allows you to grow your belief in the possibilities of your life.

Have you ever wanted to put The Law of Attraction on Speed dial or have it feel like the law was on steroids because your requests showed up so quickly?

The Circle serves like-minded individuals who are interested in creating a new way of living. We are interested in giving and receiving support while on the journey.

In the Circles you learn to:

- Stop limitation and attract success

- stop the negative beliefs from limiting your success

- Get the right tools to turn adversity and strife into success and peace.

- Discover why there is no such thing as competition

- Create the kind of life that you currently only dream about

- Learn techniques to make better decisions

Here is what one of our attendees said: "Honestly, I don't know how but it is happening and I am grateful and fulfilled! Since Tuesday night things are really taking a turn in my marriage. That's something I'd pretty much given up hope on. I am experiencing change that I've hoped and prayed for since my husband returned from Iraq. I'm telling you, that alone is the perfect one-year anniversary gift directly from the Universe. Heartfelt thanks from me to all of you, LT"

Join us and change your way of thinking and your life.