What we're about

Our group’s Mission:
To cultivate and advance an understanding of the immense opportunities being offered by this rapidly emerging technology, with an eye towards future applications and potential governmental regulations yet-unknown. Our group is commissioned to promote the safe and professional use of drones / Unmanned Aircraft Systems (“UAS”) for commercial applications while offering guidance and feedback to our member-users, governmental agencies and manufacturers, all while offering an opportunity for networking for its members.

We are a group for licensed drone pilots and operators, equipment owners, and businesses involved in the commercial use, manufacture and/or sales of drones.
We hold meetings for networking and the exchange of legal and business information. We host vendors wishing to demonstrate equipment and the latest equipment and technologies. We hold occasional “In the Field” meetups for demonstrations and equipment trials.
We will establish an advocacy panel which will work towards advocating for common-sense uses and applications of drones in commercial applications.
In order to offer an active and varied calendar of events, all members of this group are “empowered” and encouraged to host their own events. By announcing your activity, you will be able to invite our entire group to join you as you explore, network and advance in this rapidly-emerging industry.

Note: We welcome amateur and beginning users who are interested in delving deeper into this emerging industry. Feel free to join us.

Our events consist of the following:
Flying Events:
Offer venues conducive to members and vendors demonstrating various equipment and technologies with other members. Excellent opportunities to share “hands-on” tips and tricks.

Vendor Demonstrations:
Retailers, distributors and suppliers of drone-related items and services are invited to present to our group with an emphasis on education.

Legal Discussions:
Presentations and discussions covering legal issues, government regulations (pending and current), and advocacy efforts and opportunities. We invite government agencies, attorneys, industry member groups, and others to address our members with current affairs and information.

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